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We are back with some more screenshots of some old areas and a new one as well. Further explanation inside for missing bits of media.

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Hey everyone, it has been a busy couple of months for me. I did manage to get quite a bit done, even so, but it was generally only in the mapping department. I could not find the time to really dig into the code to figure out what I did to make it scream so badly as I reported during the last update.

However progress was made and I have made an entire new map over the past couple of weeks. The new area is no where near totally finished but the shell structure is done. I meant to show it here subdivided but there is a lot of work to be done to make it presentable in its current state due to some weird geometry I used. The map is for the tunnel systems leading into Black Mesa 2.

These first two images are from the second floor of the Underground Bunker. As you can see it has changed a lot since the last update with the inclusion of windows, pathway supports, and that thing in the middle of the floor is a shield-based conveyor system.

Another view, from the opposite side, of the map.

It is hard to see the full structure in this one, however a small building has been added to the end of the culdesac. There is a maintenance shaft inside that leads down into a closed off section of the tunnel system.

This is an aerial view of the tunnels map just to give a sense of scale. There are actually two sections, an upper area and lower area. This is not the entire map, there is a small bit cutoff from where we enter the map from that I had not gotten finished yet; it is outside of the cordon tool's bounding box so was not rendered/compiled.

Referencing the above screenshot we are located in the upper right corner of the central circular part. The final version will see these tunnels becoming wider, taller, and a little more expansive. These will probably not be the final textures either and I may end up having to redo all 19 of the arched corners due to the weird brushes I used to make them. Hammer scream bloody murder when they get subdivided (3 minutes for just this lower section of the map) and it looks awful once it is done.

That is all I have for this update. Development time was killed off by several other issues that popped up from other projects as well as my bachelor's degree classes. I hope that over the winter break I will be able to get a few major things done including fixing the blasted code. I may try and get a much larger scale building collapse with cinematic physics as well as getting our overheating code working.

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Mmmyeah, pretty big and... empty for this time.

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