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SG:BFM2 Might be returning, would like to hear thoughts on the matter

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So after a 3 year break and talking to 2 former devs in the last few days, I've decided to have another look at the mod. My initial plan will be to first re-familiarize myself with BF2 modding (especially what I recall to be a bit of a pain in the BF2Editor). Currently I have not setup a website as of yet, however I may setup a FB page to start with if there is any interest out there for me to perhaps do a bit more work on the mod, specifically focusing on more vehicle/shipboard combat opposed to pure infantry combat which another mod has done quite well. Would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.


Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

I would absolutely love to get the shipboard combat!

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Gustaffsson - - 68 comments

Considering the amount of Stargate mods being worked for BF2, I'd have liked to see the BF1942-version worked on instead. :(
Anyways, looking forward to see what's coming!

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M3ales - - 272 comments

Looking forward to this

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Dnamro - - 167 comments

The update to BF1942 version of the mod that I posted was from a few years ago. I took the mod as far as I could with the help of a couple of friends. We optimized all the textures and cleaned up the sound problems that had plagued the mod as well as going through the debugger logs to clean up coding errors that were reported. There was still a CTD map change bug on some maps when playing online that I could not track down. There is not really a lot else that could be done with the mod without a lot of help. There just isn't enough BF42 player base or modders left to really justify continued development. BF1942 is just too old now. Not to mention that the Mod Development Kit plug-ins for 3dsmax have not been updated in years and won't work with the latest version.

So, what happened with SG:BFM2? There was the alpha test vehicle release and then the site dissapeared. I hated to see all that work on the BF2 mod go to waste. I can't help but wonder if there is enough interest left in BF2 modding to revive this mod.

What about working with the new Stargate mod?

I am an admin at I can set up a forum section if you want to test the waters.

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