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All four parts of Bf2 Ultra Mod have been uploaded and are ready to download and have some SP Bf2 fun! Try playing it and see what you think! If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, ect, just email or PM me.

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This part of the mod includes a'lot of custom Bf2 SP maps created by: JONES, ImTheHeadHunter from Bf2 SP Forum, and a few others. I have gotten permission to include these maps in my mod so there's no problem there. Some of the maps have been modded to make the battles last longer by increasing the ticket numbers on the maps. This part of the mod also includes dpallunlocks a program that lets unlock weapons in the game, and Bf2 SP Bot Change which lets you increase decrease the number of bots in the game. Both of these programs have readme's you can read. It comes with a mod shortcut icon you can use for your mod, and a menu music file you can change out. Enloy!

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