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Laste Version: 1.0 (23. Nov 2005)

In Pirates it comes, as the name suggests, the Pirates of the Caribbean. The gameplay remains the same. Only the armament, the appearance and the vehicles have changed. The player can now decide between saber wielding pirate and dahinhumpelnden gunners. While the weapons are mostly fictional but also very effective. The vehicles have almost all turned into floating objects. One has the choice between a small mast, a slightly larger two-master, to the largest Fünfmaster. Of course, all with sufficient on-board weaponry. Of course, there are also rowing boats and floating barrels, with which the player can move. Even hot-air balloons are available in the game. The somewhat unspectacular companion are indeed difficult to control, but ideal for surprise attacks. All in all, a wonderful game Pirates for every lover of the late medieval battles. The gameplay Coop is only supported unofficially by a further specific Mod from the single player community. (Source: )

1.) BF Pirates 1.0: Download

2.) (recommended) Pirates Anniversary Mappack: Download

But the mappack. The anniversary mappack when you try to install it, and you click next after the default directory path. It will say "Directory doesn't exist". It is because the default directory has Program files, and not Program files (x86) folder set. (why cause the mod is very old, it was made before win7)

So what you need to do at the mappack is to select this directory path:

C: Program Files (x86)- EA GAMES - Battlefield 1942 - Mods - Pirates - archives - bf1942 - levels

3.) (optional serperately mod) BF Pirates 1.0 mini SP Mod: Download

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