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News for my new BETA mod that I am currently working on. Do keep in mind, its my first Amnesia mod so do remember it wont be the best in the world!

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I am currently hard at work for the BETA version of this mod, now it will not be perfect so do expect some glitches and possible crashes, it will not be the final version! I will be making a much more polished version of it but do remember, this is only ME so just because I do not create it in one day does not mean its dead, I am very busy, always working on this and my YouTube channel as well, so I am quite busy, this is not my entire life but it is a big part of my life. Now this mod will only be for Windows platform considering I use Windows, now if I had a group helping me I would make it for Mac and Linux but I do not, so I am deeply sorry for the Mac and Linux users!

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