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Kill Craft 2 Beta1.0 release ! New map, zombies, weapons and other items.

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Early_Beta 5 :
- Bugs fixed.
- Critical hits have particle effect now.
- Ores are marked on the map.


Beta 1.0 :

- New map design.

  • Smaller
  • More details

- Special modes

  • Winter mode. Freezing mobs. Turns terrain grass into snow and also starts raining snow.
  • Inferno mode. Infernal mobs. Fire bursts from the ground randomly.

- FPS increase. Much more zombies with less lag.
- New zombies.
- New weapons :

  • Land mines.
  • Raygun.

- More items.
- Added workbench. You must have workbench in order to craft anything.
- Mobs display health after getting hit.
- New Buff/Debuff effects display.
- Melee weapons now have duration.
- Bug fixes.

bugs and problems on this version :
- Don't player multiplayer, there are many bugs that will ruin gameplay
- Some tree colliders maybe dislocated.
- Zombie stats may not be balanced. (Damage, health etc...)
- Item crafting may be not be balanced. (Craft level, 'price' etc...)


( Download now! )

Beta 1.1

- New zombies and zombie models.
- Added specialities

  • Speed boost. +80% movement speed.
  • Combat power. +100% damage and 100% crit.change.
  • Frozen hearth. You cannot be freezed or set on fire. +20 armor.
  • Explosive damage. Deal damage to nearby enemies.
  • Holy shield. Invincibility for 10 seconds.
  • Healing power. Heal 50% of your max health.

- Fixing mutliplayer and other bugs.
- Adjusting zombie, wave and weapons stats.
- Adding "How to play?".
- Editing map.

- Adding new special modes

  • Darkness mode. Ghostly mobs. Everything is dark and scary.
  • Mutant mode. Mutant mobs. Turns terrain grass into mud and also starts raining water.

Windows version only !
Request for linux and mac version !

Beta 1.1fix

  • Fixed tree collision.

Over 97 000 downloads.

ALPHA is for windows only. (sorry mac and linux users)

Buy KillCraft 2 now ! NEW VERSION COMING SOON!

If you can't launch the game trough desura api. Download it directly, from 'downloads'.

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