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Finally!! Beta Version is now up and running!!....

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Finally!! Beta Version is now up and running!!
You can download the game at
Installation instruction is available at

I just wanna say... so bad.. so bad.. I knew I shouldn't announce a release date! It never work out.. I am not gonna ever announce release date anymore. Only est, and will just release and push updates once it's ready.

I been busy with work and everytime I try to push the release something is broken that needs fix. From small stuff such as no exit button to login system problem.

I end up having to change to a new login system too. The Main Menu background music isn't quite right I think. Gonna change it later, and still have to animated the windmill. But, I don't care anymore, gonna just push the release button!!! I suspect there will be crap loads of problems. But hey, there's always a start. Now that this is up and running, I can start adding patches and improvement to the game.

If you have any problems let me know in the indieDB forum that I had setup.

I also reduced the price for the limited Full Arc life time offer to $5 since I think $10 is a bit too much especially now that I probably won't be able to update too frequent. It won't stay as $5 thought, I will raise the price once more contents are added. This is only for those who want to support my work. For others, the beta (demo) version is Free.

I will upload the release version later after this beta version stabilized, since I suspect there will be problems I need to fix first.

Gonna go sleep, another early working day tmr. >_<

P.S. The confirmation email are sent from however, it might contain via That is safe, I just haven't figure out how to set the SPF Records so that google will recognize the email.

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