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Finding the map and Glitches in the Alpha beta. See info below.

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Look under single player capture the flag and the map is called conquest.
Try not to jump of the side of the map because it is just a ledge, for some reason bots won't spawn, I think it is because the bot paths are not linked to the flags.

Good Hunting!

Beta #2 will be coming out next week and will have a remade Conquest,
the map Italy which is in a small town that resembles Venice and Florence (which I've been to). There is a fountain towards the center of the map with a statue behind it, this is a piece of my idea of Renaissance art.

Then there is D-day in a new WW2 mode that is for skirmish and multiplayer only, all of my maps have bot support but there have been glitches where bots don't spawn in beta #1 but I think that problem is fixed.

Also, still in production is the map Wet, which is a naval battle between two aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean, why, I don't know, I just felt like it, it will be mostly air and long range combat, so put away your shotgun and get out your rifle.

There is also another map called Dead Space (not the game) which is a space battle except for the fact that you can attack the enemy with giant boarding craft that are filled with vehicles. You can also use small escape pods the land in the enemy ship and play some nice music while doing so too.

I play the violin but I am not an expert, so if you here a lot of bad notes in any music, then that's me.

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