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A new beta has been released fixing many bugs and adding new features. The beta can be downloaded from our home website

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Good news everyone!

We've released a new version of our open beta. A whole lot of features have been added, bugs fixed, and suggestions implemented. Please check the change log below for specifics.

The new beta can be downloaded via the Downloads page on our main website.

As always, please check to make sure your feedback/bugs/suggestions haven't already been addressed before posting. Thank you for playing our game!

Build Version:

Change Log
- Added Turret enemy types to various levels.
- Increased the base health of enemies
- You can now destroy/drop the fitting pipe after killing the first guard
- Leveling up now allows you to add points to Abilities and Powers
- Fixed a bug where containers couldn't be opened if they were in the lower left corners of a room
- Fixed a bug where the player could see enemies through walls.
- Added new effects for Weaken and Stagnate
- Added new effects for Acid Grenade
- The level up screen has been fixed so that the player cannot exit without leveling up.
- The Map Menu now follows the player for maps that extend beyond the boundary area
- Blocking now works when using swords
- Added new spark effects for when swords collide
- Fixed an issue with grenades where a lingering effect would block the player's ability to target enemies
- Enemies now show on the Minimap as pulsing red dots
- Added new sounds for the fitting pipe.
- Several new sounds have been added for melee combat.
- Polishing of various cutscenes- Various frame rate optimizations
- Added aoe effects to several powers
- Cryo Grenade now slows both movement speed and attack rate
- Friendly Drone no longer continuously fires at dead bodies

Known Issues
- Some items are difficult to pick up when grouped close together.
- Particle Effects sometimes remain on enemies even after they have died.
- The crates in the crane segment of the Cargo Bay can be walked through.
- Some enemies rapidly toggle crouching when firing at the player.
- RICO dies very quickly in battle.
- Enemies will sometimes toss a grenade at their own feet.
- Shotgun reload animation is missing.
- Some powers have odd effects/aren't working properly. (Please report any instances of this you find)
- Enemies sometimes walk through closed doors.
- The player's defense drone will sometimes begin shooting at walls when enemies are near by.
- Power/Ability quickslots clear when crossing from one level to the next.
- The main menu is only functional for Options/Start Beta/Quit

Upcoming Features
- Better balancing of AI (friendly and unfriendly)
- More Data Logs throughout all the levels.
- Larger variety of enemies (Drones)
- Cargo Boss Fight
- Item Quickslots
- Stronger and more intelligent RICO
- Level Occlusion for all levels
- Better tutorials/Descriptions

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