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Hello Everyone,

I have invited all of you to this group in order to beta test the new Tactical Assault Mod 4. My future focus will be strictly on Project 51 so I will not be updating TA Mod for quite some time. In fact, this could very well be the last version of TA mod before it is discontinued. The reason for my wanting to test TA mod 4 as much as possible is that Project 51's game play will be partly based off of TA mod. So your testing and feedback will be vital to not only TA mod 4, but for Project 51 as well. The real issue with me testing solo is that all I have to fight against are the bots, and human players can be completely different. What I need from you is about 1-2 hours of your time---that is all.

In the downloads section of this group you will find the zip file for the mod. Please download it and install it. If you have trouble installing mods then refer to this helpful link:

I will be hosting a server on Massgate called "TA 4" Saturday June 18th and Sunday June 19th starting at 2:00pm Central Time USA (GMT -06:00). I WILL ONLY HOST IF PEOPLE ARE ONLINE THROUGH XFIRE OR SKYPE. I need a decent turn out for this to be worth the time to host so please come if you can. I want to have at least 4 human players on a map. If I have a decent turn out and everyone has a lot of fun then this can probably be made a semi-regular event not just for testing purposes. My Xfire name is: "bravoseven" (without quotes) and my Skype is: "canoworms1" (without quotes).

Now let me quickly go over the changes.

Here is a link to the base change log

The biggest change to TA mod 4 is the emphasis on infantry. Infantry, troop transports, and the FSV are the only ones that can capture command points. This creates very interesting gameplay.

Below is a breif list of the new changes.

Medium Tanks – replaced and is now the APC (or ICV for usa, and nato having both)

Light Tanks – removed (except for USSR)

APC – Now the IFV, the clip size was increased from 4 to 20. This makes it something to watch out for when you are playing air or inf. The TOW missiles can almost destroy a Heavy Tank in one hit. The range on the TOW was decreased.

Amph Transport – Same as the APC except for the TOW.

Transport Vehicle – Same as original except for USA, which had some major improvments.

All Choppers drop 20 flares now.

Heavy Chopper: Very powerful now with increased range, LOS, and bigger rocket clip. The Special Missile for all factions takes two hits to destroy a tank. The offensive ability reload time has been reduced to 10 seconds, captain rank having half that. The chaingun is now much better and can target units independently of the fastfire missiles.

Medium Chopper: Increased machine gun clip, LOS, and speed. Sidewinder can take out another helicopter in one hit. The medium choppers can now shoot missiles and behave similar to the Heavy Choppers when attacking armor units. The Heavy Chopper is by far the best for attacking ground units though.

Scout Chopper: Vastly increased price and LOS. Only available to the air role. Reload time of the IR scan is down too around 5 seconds.

Heavy Transport Chopper: Transports units.

Light Transport Chopper: Cheap Chopper that is only for USA.

AC130: TA call-in unit only for NATO and USA, death from above.

Harrier: TA call-in unit only for NATO and USA, death from a lower airspace.

YAK-141: TA call-in only for USSR, better then the harrier.

Heavy Artillery: Increased range and power. USSR has the best.

Medium Artillery: Increased range (also power for USSR).

Repair Tank: Increased repair rate and decreased reload on special abilities.

HAA: Increased Range. Smoke flare recharge time was decreased.

MAA: Increased Range, reduced reload time on the offensive ability, decreased price.

Engineer: Can call in tank busters and and hellfire missiles froaerial drone. m

Heavy Artillery: Replaced with FSV which can call in off map artillery.

Sniper: Can now call in UAV.

Medic Infantry Squad: Heals adjacent infantry within its radius.

All squads have increased stealth and heal rate. Below are specific changes.

AT Squad: Doubled the power.

Reg Squad: All riflemen.

Sniper: Greatly increased price, LOS, and halved the reload time. The sniper has a much greater stealth amount than all other infantry squads. Sniper can now call in small Artillery strikes just like the Paratroops.

Paratroop Squad: Increased Artillery Spot range, increased amount of artillery rounds, decreased reload time of Artillery special ability.

Long Range AT unit: A single man infantry squad that hits tanks from a much further distance than the regular AT squad.

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