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Beta-testing is proceeding for Dibella's Watch, and in the meantime Beta Release 2 is being prepared.

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Beta testing has come across a couple of problems, but also nailed the solution to these. The Patch, which is already published on Dibella's Watch's ModDB page solves an issue with missing textures. If you still experience strange graphical glitches, mostly triggered by Khajiit and Argonian tails (for some reason), I ecourage you to download and install Coronerra's Maximum Compatibility Skeleton. The install is easy and the skeleton is needed for a lot of other mods these days as well, and it will be packaged along with the next release of the mod as an optional file.

Continuing the work, I've been building the Idyllic Southern parts of the island of Dibella's Watch. There will be a Redguard Trading Post down there and an idyllic tropical archipelago! I have also installed a Regions System, which allows for implementation of weather and also ambient sounds, which will make the mod a lot more atmospheric. All this is to come in Beta Release 2. Here are a couple of screenies to enjoy while you, all my tens of thousands of fans, wait for the next instalment.

Sachsmoor Palmtrees Building Sachsmoor Island

Foggy Day Town Drunk


Hm. Purty.
Too bad that mods on this scale tend to **** **** up with extreme amounts of bugs and extreme lack in anything to do :/

Will keep an eye on this.

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