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Gamieon needs help testing Hyperspace Pinball for the iOS platform from the comfort of your own PC! A free version for testing will be available for a limited time on IndieDB, and will only be functional through July 17th or until the beta is over. Is it possible to test an iOS game on your PC? It is with Unity!

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About a week ago we put Hyperspace Pinball on iBetaTest. In just three days, the testing slots filled to capacity...however since then, we've only gotten a few reports from three individuals. We also suspect there is an issue with the general flow of the game, and need to know how to make it better if it can be made better. Fast.
Between needing more iOS testers, and needing testers for the eventual (hopefully) PC release, the solution is clear: An open PC beta that shuts down after a while (sorry, the final release will not be free; but it won't be expensive either).

Some things we need feedback on include:

  • Fun factor: Are you having a good time while playing Hyperspace Pinball?
  • Longetivity: Is Hyperspace Pinball just a stick of gum that wears out after ten minutes, or do you keep coming back for more?
  • Difficulty: How far can you get without cheating? Would you prefer variable difficulty with point rewards?
  • Pauses: Do you mind the waiting and ball resetting in between levels?
  • Pros / Cons: What were three things you liked and disliked?

Remember when you play that this is for release for the iPhone and iPad. The big buttons, fonts, and menu controls are just part of the design.

Please keep an eye out in the downloads page, and send your feedback to . In the meantime, if you choose not to play, look at what you'll be missing!

Please Follow Our Ongoing Development!

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