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After six months of on and off work, Moros is ready to be released to the public!

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After six months of on and off work, Moros is ready to be released to the public! There are several things I wish I could include with the release but will have to follow shortly thereafter, including:
- Custom Maps. I have a map of my own that I will be releasing most likely in a collective map pack. If any of you have suggestions or maps of your own that you would be willing to let me release in a map pack for my mod, please give me a heads up - I will be doing a search for quality maps and contacting their makers soon.
- AI bugs: along with the computer AI sometimes not calling in a command squad before their sixty seconds are up, they currently do not capture VP points. Along with this, the score screen is totally incorrect and does not count kills / deaths. (It's about the gameplay, not the points though, right?)
- Adding a third command squad / army to the OF factions, along with further balancing of the OF <=> vanilla factions. It is intended that the OF factions gain certain strengths and mechanics while sacrificing overall power.
- Additional art, both ingame and outside.
- A mini-manual, giving a description of the units and the game mechanics.

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy playing, and look forward to hearing feedback very much. I am working on getting at least temporary forums up shortly as well to facilitate discussion and provide a space for game replays to be posted so I can review things in balance and further fine tune the unit balance.


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