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The newest update to the mod which has fixed most of the bugs presented(List below)while updating the map with all the planets in the colonial systems and cylon systems, there will be probably be 3 or 4 beta releases until the full release comes out.

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!!!!Beta R-2 has been released!!!!

Go to the downloads section to download it
!!!Have a great time!!!

Bug fixes:
-Atf/Terran fleet jump bug_Fixed
-Battlestar weapon range_Fixed
-Turrets on battle-stars and base-stars_Fixed
-Texture fix on Cylon heavy raider_Fixed
-Fixed basestar_Fixed
-Repair script working with flattop_Fixed
-Cylon Tanker body issue fixed and added glow to engines_Fixed
-An issue with the PD Guns on Galactica_Fixed
-Base-star/Battle-stars not showing up in Shipyard_Fixed
-Guns on Cylon Raider they work now_Fixed
-Issues with some bodies not showing up_Fixed

New stuff

New systems: Colonial
-Helios Alpha
-Erebos-asteroid field
-Zeus-Gas giant

-Helios Beta

-Helios Gamma

-Helios Delta

New features:
-New menu music (15.00 min long) :D
-New ships (Atlantia and Mercury Class Battle-stars)
-New start with Viper Mk II (Mark 2)
-New weapons for the Battlestar ships (ammo based)
-Numbering on unknown sectors (e.g.Unknown sector 106)

Extra info:
-You can spawn a cylon ship in cycrows cheat scripts under the section of cylon, while any colonial ships will be under the colonial section of the races,you will need to chose the ship out of the ship classes (e.g.M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6 etc)
Viper Mk VII-M3
Viper Mk II-M5?
Cylon raiders(Both MkII and Heavy raiders)-M3
Jump holes instead of jump gates (Still planing to not have any jump holes or gates)
The ONLY ships seen in the mod are all out of the battlestar galactica series (So no argon or any other races ships flying around)
Improved weapon ranges :D

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