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Changes for this week, including a tutorial, control changes, new enemies, and more!!!

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In this week’s iteration we have worked on polishing what we had already completed adding a few details, and fixing our bugs. We have finally come up with a name for our game, Rekindle. Our game also now includes a tutorial and we are hoping that it clears up players confusions with our game. Along with the tutorial we have also added a button prompt for actions such as collecting wood. We have added a title screen that now shows the title to our game and leads into a start menu. We have also added ambient sounds to our game. We also worked on polishing our animations and artwork. Our characters are now in winter gear, and a player now turns into an ice cube when they get downed and you can no longer carry more than one player, which seemed to make the game much easier than we had intended. Another change we made in order to counteract the game being too easy, was to add more enemies and change the rate at which they spawn. We created a new enemy that is shielded from the side so in order to attack you can’t just swing your torch around and must prod it. Along with these changes adding wood to the fire now adds less health to it. To keep the game interesting, we have also added a few hidden secrets, which you will have to play the game to find. For our next iteration we are planning to add more sounds to our game, and continue to polish our animations and art. We have chosen to transition our game in to a more wintery scene. In order to further combat players confusion, we are also planning to add a cut scene when the game starts that shows the sun setting. We are also planning to add more sounds to the specific actions in our game. Depending on how this week’s playtest goes, we have also planned to add more enemies to our game.

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