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This hotfix is aimed to clients and dedicated servers. We are addressing several important bugs found in beta 3.1. Installing this version is optional but highly recommended.

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Our Beta 3.1 downloads have been updated, if you already have beta 3.1 installed, just download these hotfixes. Note that I'm not uploading them to ModDB to prevent confusions and keep our download area cleaner.

  • fixed mouse input incorrectly handled, created view jerkiness when looking up/down
  • fixed loot icons not being cleaned up correctly
  • fixed loot icons getting stuck for too much time and acting weird (still may happen, but rarely)
  • fof_max_usercmd_future_ticks: "Prevents clients from running usercmds too far in the future. Prevents speed hacks."
  • map change after votemap done in right way
  • hats can't be picked up, preventing some annoyances
  • pass the loot doesn't reset capture time
  • votemap + Sourcemod incompatibilities solved
  • all loot sacks must be picked up pressing 'USE' (e)
  • player speed while using Winchester shotgun increased, slightly more powerful too

And one last thing. We are preparing another large update centered around revolvers, it may take some time depending the help found. In the mean time I'd like to ask any player out there to talk about the mod, tell friends, post it in websites you frequent, blogs, make some noise. The hard effort being carried away by the small FoF team doesn't pay off if game servers are empty. Your help is critical here, feel free to use the media found here, our YouTube channel or this gallery. Thanks in advance.

LORDDEREX - - 1,159 comments

Good, and good pointing out: Tell people :)

FoF :)

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GossamerSolid - - 162 comments

good work, I appreciate it.

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jerry111 - - 60 comments

whee revolvers!

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SoNeKa - - 61 comments

would be great see this mod on steam =)

easy and fast updates =D

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RustySpannerz - - 641 comments

Seven seconds in... "Is that Jaws?" AWESOME!

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