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Releasing our full and update dedicated server package.

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Hey, our newest release is almost here, we just need some updated servers up. Client files will be out tomorrow. Windows and Linux servers are supported of course.

Snake NPC

First of all, I'd like to thank Psychonic again for maintaining our Linux build, helping me with coding duties, playtests and bringing some cool additions meant for server admins. One of the main reasons you see another beta so soon :) Now I'll introduce you to some of the major additions and changes in the server ops camp:

  • Higher customization: you can use a 'mapname.cfg' file to execute custom cvar profiles for each map.
  • Maps like duel_arena or duel_darktower aren't meant for day to day rotations, but they are pretty fun when played occasionally. Check them!
  • Default map rotation has been tweaked following these map usage statistics. It's easy to spot which are the favorite maps, or at least those which work best.
  • There has been added protection against client side plugins, used by cheaters/griefers to create mayhem
  • You can force free aim revolver in any map/mode using 'fof_sv_forcefagun'
  • Invulnerability period after spawn is 1 second shorter by default. Check 'fof_protect_time ' for customization

Looking forward to the client files :) Can't wait.

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Snakes on a Train?

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did you guys have a chance to debug some of the lag using the Linux Dedicated Server?

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