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New beta is out. Check out 3 new singleplayer campaigns now!

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So, the beta2 is finally out. It's been hard for me to release it because of variuos reasons, but here it is. This version includes 3 singleplayer campaigns: one from original Dawn of War and two from Winter Assault. Of course there are tons of small fixes to models, balance and such, as always.

I'm very sad that new version of Tyranid mod didn't come out so far, so there are still no tyranids in this release.When it will come out I will release a new version or a fix as soon as possible. Also some models require some more polishing, so they are not ingame yet.

Anyway, you can download mod at the download section and here is some trailer for ya:

For those who likes to read changelogs here are some changes that happened since last fix:
Bloodletter and horror initial damage descreased.
All daemons get damage buff after stability research.
Daemons chaos icon ability removed for now.
Necron warriors and flayed ones are maximum 10 in squad by default, but can be extended with t2-t3 researches.
Added proper fx for necrons living metal ability.
Increased power bonus from necrons power global researches.
Using shadowmaps for some vanilla models.
Plasma rifles for broadsides are back
Ion rifles and rail rifles for pathfinders are back, but they can only take 2 instead of 3.
Ion rifles and rail rifles now have setup time of 3.
IG Veterans can only have 1 special weapon by default. Can have up to 3 after .
Special weapon team is now t1.
Descreased cost of company command squad and platoon command squad leaders.
Increased damage of vespid squad in both melee and ranged combat.
Fire warriors are now 4 in squad base.
Buffed heavy rail rifle (broadside) penetrations against vehicles and buildings.
Lord of chaos with mark of slaanesh now get a single lightning claw after first commander research, rather than dual ones.
Fixed chaol lords 50 melee damage against all targets after first commander upgrade (chaos_wargear_05). Now it does no damage
against vehicles and buildings and 50%(25) damage against super heavy infatntry.
Dark Eldar Raider without dark lance upgrade now uses destinagrator FXes and sound (still being displayed as dark lance though)
Fixed textures of stompa, terminators and leman russes in campaign
Fixed banshee shooting to the sky
Dark eldar reaver jetbike got proper visual upgrades
IG's Omnissiah temple got proper build placement
Ork wartrak's scorcha is now displayed properly
Dramatically descreased the price of baneblade and warhound, small price drop for stompa, price increase for eldar cobra and its variants

Thank you for sticking arond, take care.



Great stuff Warboss. :)

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