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Hooray for Beta 14! It has been a few months since the last update - I have been busy!

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Beta 14 is ready and will be available for download at some point on 8th April when it's finished uploading and validating.

Some of the changes include sexy new cars, reworked armour system, adjustable AI difficulty, laptime counters and many other minor tweaks. I spent far too long redrawing and reconstructing the 21 tracks, fixing alignment errors and extending the tracks so there is more scenery and greater terrain detail - making sure each pixel is placed how the original artists would have done it. Extremely time consuming and monotonous but I had to do it to a high standard or it would keep bugging me!

As always I appreciate your feedback, so please leave comments or contact me directly :)

There is now a Steam group - join and show the world that you're a Supercars fan!

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