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No more multiplayer 'compromise' - singleplayer enhancements ahead!

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I've always felt that the base of the Supercars Mod was a bit of a compromise, it has multiplayer facilities but that brings drawbacks in the form of client prediction "lag", entity limits and a bunch of features I can't implement.

After poking around for some time I have developed a method seperating singleplayer and multiplayer maps and code, so when you want to play a singleplayer series - you will get Supercars' full attention :)

I had always intended to make Supercars a multiplayer mod, but I felt a bit bad for all the people who don't have a LAN and just wanted to play a few singleplayer games of everyones favourite top-down car shooting racing game and had to put up with all of the multiplayer compromises that detracted from the experience. No more! Soon Beta 13 will bring many improvements, hopefully including controller support which will be good news to my Brother (and 2 other friends) after being cripped by some intense keyboard action!

ETA? Depends how much or little I add, hopefully mid-December.

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