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Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnd after a long and unfortunate silence, System Crash Beta is out!

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Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnd after a long and unfortunate silence, System Crash Beta is out!

Grab it HERE
This is a big release! A lot has been added or changed in the new beta. Let me go through it.

  • 26 new cards, bringing the total from 55 to 81 cards, an almost 50% INCREASE in variety!
  • EXTENSIVE rebalancing. Many cards have been adjusted in some way. Many cards have shifted in cost and power tier, and had their special abilities altered.
  • Greater variety of cheap and expensive cards, for more variety at ALL tiers of gameplay. No more sitting with hands full of Neonmongers.
  • Black Market card buy/sell costs COMPLETELY redesigned. No longer is it a case where a card is more expensive the "bigger" it is. Cards are evaluated based on how powerful they are relative to their tier, and how specialized.
  • More variety in the Starter Deck, addressing one of the primary complaints, that gameplay is a bit dull in the beginning because of lack of variety and deck-building options.
  • Rebalanced campaign missions and rewards. Card rewards are more generous now. You'll receive new cards more often, opening up deck building options at a faster rate.
  • Tournament Mode added to SenseSim. Campaign missions unlock SenseSim Tournaments against varying AI difficulties, which you can play to earn extra credits outside the campaign missions. If you're finding a mission difficult to beat, play some Tournaments, earn some credits, and go buy more powerful cards in the Black Market before tackling that mission again!
  • 3 new Showcase Decks to try : Buff, Rush and Attrition! Take them for a spin against each other, or against the original 5 showcase decks! (Note, all Showcase decks have been moved to the Testing Helper campaign.)
  • Duels introduce the following 3 new mechanics : Starting Credit, Just Played Armor and Battlefield Conditions :

Starting Credit : Players now start with 1 instead of 0 credits, which speeds up the first few turns play.
Just Played Armor : Agents that have just been played onto the battlefield have a bonus point of Armor, until their next turn only, which lessens the advantage of getting an Agent into a lane first. It's still an advantage, but the weakening of this effect has a subtle but widespread effect on balance.

Battlefield Conditions : Campaign missions can now specify Battlefield Conditions, introducing bonuses, penalties or special conditions for one or both players. This changes up how missions play, introducing new challenges to overcome. How will your deck fare if your enemy is playing with an automatic boost to their Agents' attack, or if you have only 10 turns to win the duel? Good luck, have fun!

  • New missions and flavour text!
  • Significant AI improvements. No days of the AI hurling Agent after Agent fruitlessly against Wei Lee are over! Also, AI decks have hint tags, allowing you to adjust the AI's priorities in play. An AI playing an Aggressive or Rush deck will prioritize scoring OP rapidly, whereas a defensive deck, such as the Hacker deck, will prioritize blocking your Agents, giving its hacking cards time to work.
  • New Player Avatars
  • Music track playback shuffling
  • 9 brand new pieces of card art!

Anyway, grab the build, if you're so inclined, and take it for a spin. If you want to test the new Showcase Decks, please start a new profile, go to campaigns, and select the Testing Helper campaign. This will unlock every card, all the Showcase decks, and give you 10 million credits. Enough to try out any deck build you can envision, and pit any of your creations against the AI in SenseSim. But please, do try the campaign(On a different profile to the one with every card unlocked, don't cheat ;)). I'm eager to hear your feedback on the changes! :D

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