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Im still not quite sure when repong will be ready for other people to enjoy :D However, id like to share what i currently have done for those who seek more about the game.

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This is what ive been recently working on! A decent selection screen for the game D;
You can toogle between player and ai with the purple squares, in case a player doesnt have anyone else to play with. Its still pretty basic and will definitely change later on.

Concept Screens Early Gameplay

As for beta 1.0:

*Early test of particles:

- Cause who doesnt like particles?

*Functional AI player:
- Detects the closest ball to the paddle, and its pretty fast!

*Current powerups completed:
- Fantom ball: Allows the ball to pass through entities.
- Power down: Prevents any paddle from moving.
- Clone ball: Divides all the current balls in the board into two.

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