What is repong exactly?
Well, its pretty much pong with powerups. Nothing more to say.
I was inspired by blasterball with its awesome details and such :D
Ive always wanted to create some sort of crazy, arcade game that lets
players have the fun they want. Lets see where this takes me..

Release Date?
No release date will be set untill the game is considered to be

Is it going to be free?
It will! I dont plan on selling repong, and I never will.
Anyone is free to play it.

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An updater


For those lazy enough to come back here and check for any updates, i made a basic updater.
The changelog will be available within the game for anyone to read.
When a new update is available, this message will pop up:

Clicking Ok will start the download, and replace the old repong jar. If the old repong.jar is named something else, for example: "The best goddamn game ever.jar" changes will still apply and the file will keep its old name :D

Its looks pretty plain, i know. I´ll make a decent looking updater once I get the chance.
For now, bug squashing and powerup adding is a priority.

Look foward to the next update.

Two new powerups

Two new powerups


I know I said update every two weeks, but lets forget about that right now xD

Networking? Why the heck not C:?

Networking? Why the heck not C:?


Early tests for online connection. Lets see where this takes us :D

Getting close for a release!

Getting close for a release!

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Repong is starting to take shape! Getting ready for a first release of the beta.

Profiles and login

Profiles and login


Added a basic login system to keep track of score, achivements, paddle color and other planned stuff.

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Repong Launcher

Repong Launcher

Full Version

Warning for people suffering photosensive epilepsy!! This game contains flashing lights! The launcher and automatic updater for repong :D Early in development...

supertrentyguy - - 18 comments

Can. Not. Wait. :3

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Zm-sky Creator
Zm-sky - - 13 comments

XD! No worries! You'll get to play some repong soon :D
Just making it as fun as possible before a first release c:!

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Latest posts from @adamgemmer

Getting ready for a networking update soon enough! Planning two gamemodes and an ability to explore an additional server map :o

Apr 16 2014

Working on the server/client system ingame. Current issues are related with player synchronization D; Gotta read more on networking..

Mar 11 2014

Ive been thinking of adding a plugin system for destiny servers. More customization means more fun <3 Development is going slow this month.

Jan 18 2014

Development on repong will be paused for now. Destiny caught my attention alot more XD Onwards to the pokeverse!

Dec 16 2013

You know, I noticed how plain the game ends when someone reaches a final score. Should get to that after the online feature :D

Oct 22 2013

Inactivity at its best, took a break from repong. Guess its time to head back in again and add more crazy stuff :D

Oct 14 2013

Repong will now be updated every 2 weeks. The reason for this is because of school and other stuff I must work on aswell D; Powerups wooo~

Aug 29 2013

Just found out about a nasty memory leak playing sound D: Gotta get that fixed pronto.

Aug 23 2013

On second thought, I believe I should atleast add up to 8 powerups before a first release. Im happy the rewrite made things easier to add :D

Aug 20 2013

Getting ready to release a playable version of repong. Powerups are quite annoying to make! Hope its worth it in the end :D

Aug 16 2013