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The game is now available for download! This is still a work in progress.

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This is still a work in progress... a lot of things need to be polished, are not implemented yet or not optimized. I would greatly appreciate it if you would give the game a shot and try to survive at least 1 night. It is very important to eat, to cook your food and to stay around a fire or out of clear ground.


When it comes to making a shelter, you'll have to be creative. You must stay out of the open as much as you can and protect yourself from the chilling wind. Find an enclosed area and/or use the cardboard boxes to your advantage.


Setting up a fire

Staying around a fire will be key to your survival. This is your only real way of creating warmth. Press "2" on your keyboard to bring out the matchbox and light a match. Then touch with the matchstick a cardboard box and it will blaze up in flames. Be careful! Cardboards on fire can set other cardboards on fire, creating a chain reaction. Don't burn your "home"!


Cooking and Eating

You have to eat in order to stay alive. That little bar below the thermometer is your food bar, or energy bar. If your body temperature tries to go under 36 degrees Celsius, Energy will be converted to heat. To eat, you have to grab the food (Left Click) and while holding it, hold Right Click down until you consume it.
You can actually cook your food by placing it near a fire and double its Energy Potential. However, take care not to overcook it! That can reduce its Energy Potential to 0. Keep an eye on the color! A warm color means it is well baked, gray means you fried it.

Trying to get some rest...

The Night

The air temperature drops dramatically during the night!
Otherwise... all i can say is... Watch your back!

Night in the station

e_Glyde - - 331 comments

The game seems interesting.

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PrivateTed Author
PrivateTed - - 16 comments

I would really love to hear your opinion about the build. Is the game too difficult/easy? Are there any annoying bugs? Are the nights scary by any means?
Again, thank you very much for your interest and for tracking the game!

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e_Glyde - - 331 comments

I couldn't get to night as I died the first and the second time I saw the player capsule which inabled me to see causing me to die again.

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PrivateTed Author
PrivateTed - - 16 comments

Thank you very much for your feedback! All of these issues had been fixed in the latest version.

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Guest - - 695,262 comments

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