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A surreal, non-traditional turn-based RPG inspired by 8-bit and 16-bit classics. Check out the Kickstarter for trailers, info, screenshots, and a FREE prototype!

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Check out the Kickstarter for HD trailer, the Steam Greenlight link, way more info, different media and the FREE prototype!


Behind the Rose is a surreal, non-traditional turn-based RPG. Venture through the world: solve puzzles with magic, time your attacks, dynamically block monster's offenses, and interact with the people of Starcross!

You wake up on top of Starcross Mountain with no idea who you are or where you are! You soon learn of the tragic tale of Starcross, where the protector of the country, the Heavenly Queen, had been sealed away 3 centuries before, through the door locked behind the rose. The people of Starcross believe she can still be saved. It's thought that the sword hidden in Starcross Mountain could cut down the cursed rose, but no one has been able to pull it from its pedestal... but if you want to find out who you are and save Starcross... Saving the Heavenly Queen may be your only option!


Game looks good, visuals are cool and music sounds great! Just please cut off the squeeky test box sfx =)

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