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News about the AddOn - Behind the Horizon - The Desert

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Hello Community,

some time has passed and I'd like to give you an overview of my work on the big add-on for Behind the Horizon.

The big add-on " Behind the Horizon - The Desert" is now slowly taking shape and "of course" it is much more extensive than initially envisaged. The playing time will be about 50-100 hours. The world map will be about a third larger. So there is a lot to discover.

New items, new mechanics, new monsters, new NPCs, new plants and trees and much more...

The main part of the AddOn takes place in the desert in the south, which poses completely new challenges for the player. In parts, the AddOn feels like a survival game. The level of difficulty is correspondingly higher than in the main game. Therefore, it is definitely useful to have finished the main game and to be familiar with the world of Behind the Horizon.

The story revolves around the question: What became of Alex/Carla from the intro of the main game? In the add-on, many other open questions from the main story are gradually clarified and relationships from the main game are developed further.

Soon I will also post some screenshots and further information about the AddOn. Of course, there will also be a trailer introducing the AddOn later.

Since the development time for the AddOn has been over a year so far and there is still a lot more time to come, I now have the question of whether to make the AddOn available for free as an update or to distribute it as a new APP together with the main game.

At the same time, I could lower the price of the main game and thus appeal to new players with a smaller budget to try out Behind the Horizon.

I would be interested in your opinion on this?

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