I am a German game designer and programmer (C++) and have been working on this RPG and farm game for several years now, which I would like to introduce to you here. It is based on a nature simulation and the RPG part is an epic story (game duration between 50-200h), which extends over 5 chapters. The nature simulation serves as a base for the huge living world in which there is a lot to discover. The farm part in the game fits harmoniously into the rpg-gameplay and provides with housing, crafting, animal husbandry a lot of variety. Extensive underground areas filled with good and bad surprises offer excitement and challenges.

Behind the horizon offers a long mystical story a long way from the usual "Hero Saves the World". Rather it tells a story about the discovering of one's own nature and of the nature of the world. The community of Woodhome and the contact to the inhabitants plays an important role in the game. There are a lot of story lines concerning the Woodhome´s inhabitants.

The nature simulation makes sure that no game is like the other and that the landscape changes every day. The weather and the seasons are also simulated and have a direct influence on nature and the player. There are even catastrophes and special events in the simulation, which can change the landscape sudddenly.

In the settlements the NPCs go about their business and everyone can be talked to. The inhabitants have their own history and many need help or just want to chat a little. There are some difficult decisions to make and everything affects yourself, the world and the story. Friendship and romances are also not unknown in Behind the Horizon, but more shall not be revealed here ;-) !

Well over 50 cutscenes, which bring the story forward or breathe life into certain moments. Among them are events like learning new skills as well as visions and information about the stories.

There are hundreds of items that you can find in the dark dungeons, buy from merchants, or make yourself. Potions, spells, all kinds of food and many other useful items can be built on the farm. There are numerous recipes for housing and also a lot of furniture at the local traders.

Magic is also not unknown in Behind the Horizon and the exploration to find the origin of magic is a central point in the story.

The combat system with 5 weapon types has over 30 spells. Many are also usefull while farming. Huge underground caves and dungeons with traps, labyrinths, treasures and many surprises await you. There are several boss enemies with sophisticated mechanics and also many annoying ;-) Trashmobs like the well known giant bats.

Farming: You can cultivate many vegetable plants and also all wild plants and trees. Animals can be kept in enclosures or stables and also small, helping companions can be found and trained. All the plants that you harvest on your farm can be used for your own nutrition, for cooking and the making of spells and of course to get the desired coins to be able to buy some things from the traders of Woodhome.

The mix between farming/RPG/exploring caves and housing is up to you, but it should be said that you can have a lot of variety. Just wandering through the nature after a season is over is always exciting to me. To see what has grown, what has died, how the course of the river has changed or where the quality of the earth has improved.

System requirements: A Windows PC or Laptop (Windows 7/8/10) with 4GB memory or more. It runs smoothly on the newer Intel graphics chipsets. So hardware requirements rather moderate!

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Hello Community,

The work on the DLC The Sky Fortress is now finished and I will use the rest of the time until the release at the early September for extensive test play.

If you want to find out more, you can already take a look at the DLC shop page. There you will find a lot of details.

LINK Steam: Store.steampowered.com

LINK Trailer: Youtube.com


- Experience the end of the story in four more thrilling chapters (another 50+ hours of gameplay)
- Explore three new expansive areas as well as numerous handmade caves
- Fight new monsters with unique abilities
- Find out about the Master of the Sky Fortress
- Feel the power of the new natural events
- Call one of the two new pets to your side in battle
- Meet new inhabitants of the world of Behind the Horizon
- Experience how your love for Aleena and Cailan grows
- Help the inhabitants of Wood Home through this challenging time
- Grow new interesting plants on your farm
- Build new items, mix new spells and cook new recipes

2023 06 26 16 35 36

The long version:

Like the main game, the DLC "The Sky Fortress" is a friendly game, without pointless grinding and without daily quests. There are no randomly generated areas, no endlessly respawning monsters. Everything is handmade with purpose and a vision behind it.

The DLC "The Sky Fortress" brings the story of Behind the Horizon to a thrilling climax and concludes the trilogy. Along the way, you will visit many new locations that are, as always, unique and handmade. In the underworld, too, many new caves are waiting to be explored by you.

The story starts directly after the events in the desert. That means you have to have played the DLC "The Desert" and have a corresponding save game.

The love story between you and Aleena or Cailan continues to develop and, as before, is closely interwoven with the main story.

New quests await you in Wood Home and in the Oasis, and Sandheim, the village from the huge grotto, comes to life.

Eleyne, a merchant from the south, now visits Wood Home regularly and offers you her services. You can buy two new pets from her, which will accompany you through the caves and fight by your side. Eleyne is already available in the main game after installing the DLC.

There are many new items, blueprints, recipes and formulas that make life on the farm and in the world of Behind the Horizon even more enjoyable and easier. One example is the combined harvesting and mining tools, which replace several individual tools (all recipes, plans and formulas are also available in the main game after purchasing the DLC and can already be used there).

As before, the story is told through dialogue and many new cutscenes. There are surprising turns and an epic ending that ties up the last loose ends.

There are new natural events that will change the world greatly.

The inhabitants of Wood Home and the Oasis have many new tasks for you that will bring you even more wealth and fame.

There are new inhabitants that you will meet in the course of the story. A community is gradually developing in Sandhome, and you can help bring the village out of the grotto and back to life.

2023 06 26 16 09 26


Some statistics:

After finishing the DLC, and also because the triology of the main story is now completed, I have compiled some data about my game project. I think I shouldn't keep this from you. I'm sure it will be interesting for some of you to find out what Behind the Horizon is all about:

Development time (at the moment): about 7 years
Lines of code (C++): > 156000 - yes, that's really a lot ;-)

NPCs (all with their own seasonal daily routine and personal history): 74
monsters: 82
BossMonsters: 26
Animals: 18
Farm animals: 9
Pets: 6

Dialogue texts of the NPCs: 663535 characters (no I didn't count that myself ;-) ) - that's about 375 book pages

Script cutscenes: 250

Texts for cutscenes: 190562 characters or about 120 book pages

Quests in total: 614 - I didn't count the characters for quest texts

Equipment items in the game: 137
Plants (all with growth cycles): 61
Ground cover: 14
Tree species: 24
Soil types: 41

Books: 183 - again, I didn't have the character set counted, but there are a lot!

Teleporters: 20
Recipes(Food): 65
Plans(Building): 146
Formulas(Spells): 65

Spells: 65

Graphics: 1288 128pxx128px tiles
2801 64pxx64px tiles
- which of course must all have their own definition structure in the game.

Overlay backgrounds 7

Steam achievements: 100

So that's it ;-) ! Maybe this gives some of you an overview of how big an extensive RPG is. If I had known beforehand how big the game would be, I probably wouldn't have started it. But this way, passion and joy about what I have achieved have driven me on and on.

2023 06 26 15 11 33

2. AddOn

2. AddOn


Working on second AddOn and expanding my Community

BtH - The Desert released on Steam

BtH - The Desert released on Steam


After 18 months of intensive development, I am pleased to present the first add-on for my game Behind the Horizon.

Behind the Horizon - Update 2.0

Behind the Horizon - Update 2.0


Polishing up the Game - Major Update for 2022! Adds new user interface and improve all aspects of the game

Behind the Horizon - Working on AddOn

Behind the Horizon - Working on AddOn


News about the AddOn - Behind the Horizon - The Desert

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