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For those not watching the Kickstarter page, here’s what we’ve been working on for our Early Access launch this fall!

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Planetary Campaign

We've been hard at work implementing player profiles, planetary campaigns, and merging that experience in with the in-hive gameplay. It has been a huge step in making the war on the Queen feel alive.

Planetary Menu

Capture and fortify strategic positions on the planet's surface.


Check out this satisfying sneak peek of a hive being nuked.

Swarmier Swarms

John has tweaked the flyer swarms to be processed as one object in the engine. This is optimal for network multiplayer. Coding smart goes a long way!

Swarmier Swarms

New Alien: The Drone

A lovely and terrifying ambient touch - the drones crawl on the hive floors, walls, and cielings, doing various work for the hive. They’re normally passive unless threatened. A single drone doesn’t pose much of a threat, but when swarming together, drones can be quite deadly to any Jumper.


Utility Items

We decided to share five of the available utility items that you can buy from the in-game store to buff up your jumper. These let you strengthen your personal playstyle and bring diversity to the team.

Damage Deflector Overshield

The Damage Deflector Overshield adds an additional layer of protection to your jumpers! This overshield deflects damage for as long as it has charge, and when the charge is reduced to zero, it shatters. If you're able to remain out of combat for long enough, the shield will recharge.


Rejuvenation Field Beacon

The Rejuvenation Field Beacon restores health to Jumpers in its vicinity over a period of time. This is useful for holding out against swarm ambushes, or taking the fight to a Major Class alien like the Crusher.


Jetpack Fuel Reconverter

Are you tired of running out of jetpack fuel while hovering over acid pits? Well say goodbye to that problem, and say hello to the Jetpack Fuel Reconverter! With this item, you'll be able to hover indefinitely!


Grenadier Bandolier

Do you like things that go BOOM? If so, then the grenadier bandolier is for you. Carry twice the number of grenades and cut their cost in half at the store!


Deployable Auto-Turret

The Deployable Auto-Turret is great for perilous situations. Is your team down a jumper or two? Bust this baby out and send the aliens back to the Queen in tiny pieces!


Community Forums

Our community forums will be live within the next couple of weeks! That means fans, backers, and developers can come together to talk about the game and other related topics. Backers will be receiving invites soon to help test out the forums.

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