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Here we are, Day 2, page complete for the game. Now let's see what's up to do with the game !

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Thank's for reading this guys! And a huge thank's to all the people who is going to follow this adventure!

So, I'm currently putting on the game the original scenes with Obito, that will be accessible through some choices, but as you know, some others paths are possible. I will need to write those paths before adding them to the game with the visuals.

Speaking about visuals, i got plenty of Backgrounds, Renders and Uncopyrighted songs. But I'd love to put some arts of some special scenes thank's to the help of some artists, that's why i'll ask a crowndfunding in the next days/weeks. Even if the goal isn't reached, the game will be available in some months (years?), but would be more gorgeous with special art/songs and more scenarios.

You can check some screenshots in image sections already, i'm going to post some more in the following days, hoping you're going to appreciate it !

That's all for today ! Thank's again for reading this, and see you in a new paper in couple of days !

Butterfly Games creator, Rasen.

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