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Writing a AC story that inter-links all the storys is kinda.... well hard.. as one would expect..

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So.. hey again everyone,

I have been trying to plan out how to go about this at the moment, after the test bakes where successful in getting the result I wanted, and messing around with the textures abit, I decided to focus on the main part to my segment of the project, as you may recall , I teamed up with John from Unreal Tactical last message I posted, me and John have actually been working for a while behind the scenes, its only now that I asked John to convert my half to his works, so basically he gets to keep working on Unreal Tactical and convert what ever stuff I make to his needs and use it all in his modification, aswell as getting all the stuff working , so its a win win situation.

Either way stuffs gonna be ingame, that bit obviously will take some time , as I am the one doing the AC modeling, texturing and material editing, but I enjoy it... so while John does that practical side of this project, I do the more fan based side, my part includes converting what I have into a useable format in Unreal , because I originally started this all to get better at 3d work and also to put what I have in my artists portfolio, so, my part will be as talked about before...

I plan to turn the half I had into a Machinima, I have seen this happen many times to other mods that don`t get off the ground well, but thats why I let John have my stuff , because at the end of the day, you`ll still get to play around with my models ingame so its no loose there, where there is gain is me trying to build an entertaining experiance for people based on the entire time line of AC.

The games time line goes like so...


But, found in the 10`th art book, apparently the creators clearly show that 3 was a reboot to the series, thus the normal storyline which old Ravens like me are used to actually ends at AC2, when trying to think of a suitable thing to do, to get a flowing story out of it, and get some interesting content into the story too, I decided to rewrite the AC time line so it flows, its not fully worked out yet but heres how it goes...


So as you can see , in the time line I devised , and for those who know AC`s universe`s well enough, I am claiming that the "Great Destruction" the event which caused humanity to go underground was infact a none nuclear war, thus that leaves the bridge open between LR and AC, because at the end of LR , hardly anyone is left , but humanity starts to rebuild, which leads into AC a century later when humanity has yet again managed to rebuild again underground as the surface is habitable , but in a complete mess.

Some may thing this is crazy or wont work, but I assure you, this way it gives room for imagination after the events of 2, mainly because theres an already established world with a deep back story,and it leaves the events for the future to be influenced by those of the past more.

Also as many people have seen , and I have also mentioned I will be doing a cameo at some point of the VOB to tie in 4 aswell, it makes no sense to those who have played the games through , but its the most sense I could make of the story line , what with most of it being in Japanese originally then poorly translated to English.

Anyway..... back to my writing ... bbs



I find one small teeny tiny flaw in this timeline... "Last Raven" lol, but then again i guess being the last has its perks since you pass on the knowledge to others and vise versa?

but hey, im all for it since i loved the series and was slightly interested in the newer armored cores (from 3 and up) but yeah, when i played the older ones when i was a kid (AC-PP) i kinda wondered why AC2 ended like that then AC3 came out with a whole twist.

Meh, anyways... Support always given to a fellow friend who wishes to keep a classic series alive :D

and hopefully from Soft wont sell out and make their game worse (they have done good so far... but i kinda wish they kept the original concepts instead of reworking everything in AC4)

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