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Beeing Newton is the first title produced by our small indiedev team - It's a side-scroller with story-line, hand-crafted levels and novel gameplay dynamics.

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Beeing Newton sees our hero, Newton the bee, return to his formerly happy hive to find disaster has struck and all his friends are sick and the flowers are dying. The player must fly Newton from flower to flower, collecting nectar, which can then be exchanged for power-ups and to increase skills and energy.

Newton returns home - Cut-scene Screenshot

We placed emphasis on player skill, and while player-game interactions are simple, timing and precision are rewarded with high-speed fun, combos and nectar! As you get better at piloting Newton by building up his bee skills, the hand-crafted levels increase in difficultly and new challenges are added to the action.

Beeing Newton Gameplay

We really wanted to focus on gameplay dynamics and engineered in very simple game controls that provide scope for player mastery. One of the problems of working on a game for such a long time is that you lose objectivity - The beta test folks have been fantastic and their contribution has really helped tune the game.

We didn't want the game to be an endless runner, so the back-story is there to give players a sense of purpose beyond the challenge presented by any single level. We hope that the characters have given he game a bit of personality too.

Check out the preview video and let us know what you think!

Also, check out the web site and also follow us on twitter @WallyConka.

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