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With the help of an iron gauntlet, Slamscape accepted BeefThief's 1 on 1 challenge. Check out the first ever Grudge Match, shoutcasted by ChampBob and LittleBoyBlue.

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BeefThief vs. Slamscape - Grudge Match

BeefThief and Slamscape duked it out in the first ever Grudge Match! Beef was smarting a little after getting thrashed by Slams grenades during a normal match, so Beef challenged him to a duel... in hover tanks. Slamscape returned the challenge by cleaning his clock. ChampBob and LittleBoyBlue did an awesome job shoutcasting the event. Check it out.

Five minute time limit. 1 vs 1. All weapons and upgrades are fair game. It's a test of skill of the individual players with no reliance on their team. EPIC fight.

Have a grudge yourself? Call 'em out, and get your pwnage on! Strut your stuff and let the world know that you really ARE better than them.

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