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Society is changing, conservatism is dying and lunatics are emerging claiming to be on 'your side.'

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For millennia the world has been dominated by conservative culture as man has come to terms with society and an ever evolving world where their brothers and sisters have invented things that were once merely the stuff of dreams. Now we are reaching a tipping point where the power of radical conservatives who once held secure the reigns of power now have had their grip so loosened progressive freedom movements, some of which have been or are being twisted into special interest groups with similar distasteful... attitudes, if you will.

Over the past couple of years I've become aware of politics, special interest groups and the like. In particular I've come to know the feminist movement as of late, not the one that once finally gave women the right to vote probably along with other things I am unaware of. No, this is a new movement. This movement is nothing similar to the equality seeking women of old, if anything I would compare them to same crowds that would say there's a secret global government, the ones who say music has secret satanic messages in it, or that trails in the sky left by planes are devious chemicals, poison, or something.

Though as mad they may be with their patriarchy ramblings which peculiarly often extends to things that benefit them, typical victim mentality, they have a second component to their madness which is of course their methods. Feminists have seemingly taken up ripe old traditional tactics once thought to be almost exclusive to theologians. Choosing to dwell within enclosed safe-havens and of course practicing censorship wherever possible when dissent arises they have become an echo chamber of ideology: patriarchy, rape culture, ect. These girls invoke the word rape so often its like they think its about to go out of style.

And so very ironically, they have been attempting to attach themselves to other movements. Feminists are currently on a warpath to gain a sliver of power in the Atheist community similarly as the religious would cling to conservative political movements. Though this would be a role reversal the strategy is so very obvious and their tactics being what they are condemn them to that all familiar position, that of the fundamentalists and clergy.

I refer to Atheism+, the melding of the extreme politically correct 'women are always right' mentality sort with non-belief. This is a potential threat to the image and more importantly the very core values of what is called the atheist community, those being skepticism, logic, discussion, and most importantly free inquiry. Most of these are brushed off as a secondary concern for these people and I need not restate what it is they do as vaguely mentioned previously above.

Though the source of this movement is something I recognize. The attitudes expressed are similar to the overly concerned entitled suburban dweller. Far more simply and specific, the PC police. These are the same people who would have media sensitized and bleach culture to the most bland shade of white. These are the people who would have been in a crazy conservative conspiracy group if they were raised as such. And as such, should be relegated to the fringes of society with them.

Most importantly, what I wish to convey is this; beware groups, movements and communities that wish to speak for you. When it comes to many things there are complexities that a group will ignore for the sake of maintaining the echo chamber or simple-minded disbelief at the thought of potential different paths on the horizon. Atheism is easy to define and when trying to get on the same page its like herding cats so saying beyond "we don't believe in God" is hardly something that can be used for deceptive purposes, but interest groups and political groups will often try to consume you. As always use reason, be aware, and never ever forget that person trying to convince you is a mammal.

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