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Looking for new team members.

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Dark Realm Game Studios is looking for new members to join the design team for the game..
If you are interested in joining the design team, please post your design skills on our forums here..

We are always accepting applications to join the team. If you have the desire and drive to make a next-gen Mech game then this is DEFINITELY the place to be. Everyone needs to start somewhere and as long as you have the desire to learn and enjoy working with others to achieve a common goal then you would fit in just fine.

We will only accept applicants whom has atleast the basic skill set we need for the position you apply.. Be it 3D modeling, or Codeing, Or sound designers and or musicians.

To apply please post a new thread in the forums above.

We need the fallowing people whom knows atleast the basic skills..

Animators - Rig/Skin models, use IK/FK systems, Prior experience with implementing animations to assets within a game engine. Animators need to either have 3Ds max skills.. Or Maya skills to be able to quilify.

Level Designer/Resource Editor - This one is open to any one whom is willing to learn the Neo Axis engine's map and resource editor. He or she too also needs basic skills in 3Ds max.. Or Maya.

Weapon Designer - We need mech, and human weapons made, This person will need a wide phocus of modern weaponry.. And need to know how to balance things out.. Just about Any type of weapon can be made in our universe.. But this person needs atleast the basic skills of knowlage modern weapons.. He will also need to learn the Neo Axis Engine, Resource editor.. To make new bullets for the game.. This indivisual will also need to help in designing the tech lab. (Think of Mech Warrior 4's mech lab.. But can be used to modify any mech or vehicle, ect..)

Programmers - Must have alot of expericence useing C Sharp, And Visual Studio 2008. Understanding of abstract data types, and dynamic memory management are critical.
Understanding of digital logic is also a must.. The programmer will need to learn the Neo Axis engine's game code inside and out.. And must work well with other programmers.. He is also expected to learn the Neo Axis Logic editor. You must also have atleast 6 months of programming knowlage in C#

It is also a requirement that all potential applicants to have (or download) MSN Messenger ( ) for quick IMs.

All applicants must be able to work with a team.

If you are to apply please create a NEW TOPIC in our forums ( )
or pm myself or WarLord in our forums with the following information.....

Name: (handle whatever)
Position: (whatever position you'd like to fill)
Past Projects: Please post any projects/screenshots/artwork that you have previously done.
Other commitments: Whether you are part of a different mod team or competitive team or anything add that in too so we know how much we can put on your plate.
SAMPLES: All applicants must provide examples of their work so that we may asses your skill level for the positions you are applying for.

Also as one other requirement you must be atleast 18 years of age or older.. If you are under that.. We might still conciter you.. But you must prove that you are able to work with the team.. Applicates whom are not over 18 will be on a 30 day trial period.. We are a looking for people whom are mature, and will do the work they tell us they will do.. If you are that kind of person whom works hard and love doing this type of work, We look forword to your application..

Thank You.
Night Hawk

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