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The color-based hardcore shoot ‘em up will land on Nintendo Switch on January 26th!

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Are you looking for a real challenge? Do you feel like the latest video games were too damn easy? The time has come to prove what you really got!

pixelbot gameplay action

Taking you back to the golden era of arcade gaming, you fly, dodge, and shoot your way through 25 perfectly challenging yet fair, handcrafted levels. Featuring old-school dual-handheld gameplay, join pixelBOT dashing towards tons of color-coded enemies that require real button mastery. Shooting them is not enough: Hitting them with the wrong color won’t kill them!

pixelBOT EXTREME Level 1 Switch

Master the four rocket colors and beat all difficulty modes!
Cope with the EXTREME! levels! and break the speedrun records!
Or team up in couch co-op to train your multitasking skills together!


pixelBOT EXTREME! will release on Nintendo Switch on January 26th.

Can’t wait?

Become EXTREME! today and wishlist the game in the Nintendo eShop right now!

PS: While waiting, you could practice some meditation before this game will tear your nerves apart.

pixelBOT EXTREME Coop Switch

pixelBOT EXTREME Boss Switch

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