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The largest update for Warlords is now live bringing the game up to v0.750! Check out the host of new features unleashed in the game.

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StarpointGemini Warlords Conques

Hello captains,

We're proud and happy to release the largest update for Warlords in Early Access. As we announced in December, we had some very important features to implement and I can say that it all found its way into the update. These features are not 100% complete yet as is noted in the complete changelog, but the bulk is in and we're very interested in what you ladies and gentlemen have to say about it all.

I'll go over the key things:

Building the reputation system from the ground up

The old reputation went out the window. A completely new system is now implemented. Be ready to juggle individual reputation with each faction in Gemini, but it's never that simple. Factions have friends and enemies of their own and you can bet that any ally of a faction you beat into a pulp will not be overly thrilled with you either. You'll make new friends though, among their enemies of course.

Overhaul of the fleet mechanics

You arrived at the location of your fleet only to find no one there? Were you worried that they got lost in space (TM)? Worry no more! From now on, they'll be there, each and every time. If you send them on a mission, they will not disappear on the way there, but you can still follow them every step of the way if you want to make sure. Fleets can be merged or divided in any way you want. If you fancy small task forces, simply have smaller fleets (only more of them) or maybe you're more on the megalomaniac side and you'll dump all of your ships into one massive fleet ready to stomp on your enemies... Your choice as always...

Conquest bits and pieces

The new fleet mechanics goes hand in hand with the additions and changes to the general conquest mechanics. Command one of your fleets to follow you into battle, or send them to do everything on their own and join in for a bit if you wish. Your fleets will fight the good fight whether you're there or not. They know their duty!

StarpoinGeminiWarlords 02

But that's not all! The AI fleets move about just like yours do and factions will attack you if they feel like it. They can be rude like that...

Oh... and you're no longer forced to attack only garrisons. You can pit your fleet against the enemy fleet directly. Smash their heads first and then move in to turn the garrison into rubble. Fun fun fun...

Researching the good stuff

Time to put those lazy scientists to work. Get them started on a project, flood them with the resources they need and wait for results. You'll be pleased with what they develop. There's no stopping progress!

StarpoinGeminiWarlords 03

Hannibal is at the T-Gates

The T-Gate network is back in business! Use a T-Gate to reach any other functioning and discovered T-Gate in the world. Oh and it can't belong to your enemies. They lock those down... and throw away the key. Then you can reach the gate the old-fashioned way and take it for yourself. Who are they to shut the door in your face!? Or maybe you're more into adventures. If that's the case, you can hop into a wormhole and see where that takes you...

StarpoinGeminiWarlords 01

The complete changelog is listed below.

As always, we're looking forward to seeing you on the discussion board or our own forum. Whether you encounter a problem and wish to tell us we suck or you want to discuss an upcoming or implemented feature, you're more than welcome to post your thoughts.

Safe travels captains. See you in space.

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v0.750 change-log


  • Civilian tasks now properly appear in freeroam.
  • Fixed a bug with a certain derelict in the Prologue that could crash the game.
  • Fixed a bug where object markers would appear only once any other object was targeted first.
  • In some instances heavy weapons wouldn't properly fire or hit an enemy. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a wrong base link problem that could sometimes happen when purchasing and new ship that has a hangar, and then saving-loading.
  • Some station radar markers could be outside of the radar boundaries. No longer.
  • Some hangar-related elements were left hanging when exiting the game. This is now fixed.
  • On the customization screen, the cursor had an offset from where the actual painting is taking place. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a problem with camera zoom in hangars. Even though the camera was moving nowhere, the game memorized how much you "zoomed out".
  • Fixed an issue that could in some cases sort saves alphabetically, instead of by the Last modified date.
  • In some instances, the Scavenger swarm drones could go nuts and start circling around the equipment user, instead of the target.
  • The game will no longer crash when opening the Systems tab, while in space and when you had unassigned fighter wings.
  • Fixed a number of potential issues that could corrupt the save file.
  • In some cases you could use up a Scavenger swarm, but not get anything from a derelict, due to the game thinking there was no target. This no longer happens.
  • In some instances, the Class name on the character creation screen would display "ERROR" instead of the proper name. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed a bug that would flip the material of a ship when it was being scanned.
  • When starting a new game, the notification queue decided to continue its job from the previous session. Not anymore.
  • Fixed a number of smaller issues that, when combined, meant you could no longer collect artefacts.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get invisible planets.
  • In several instances, you could get the game to automatically do an Align to plane after undocking. You can do this no longer.
  • Several button icons were displayed wrong in the station interface. This is now fixed.
  • Until now you could shift power distribution on your ship, while docked, which would completely mess up the GUI.
  • Station name label is now properly animated when docking.
  • When clicking on New game, while you're already in a session, the game will now properly prompt which scenario to start instead of deciding on your behalf.
  • Enhancements no longer have a universal, but hidden price tag of 15,000 Credits. They now cost the displayed amount of Credits.
  • Sometimes, the game decided to give the wrong tooltip information on the Systems tab. This no longer happens. The game behaves nicely.
  • In some cases, the GUI would get all messed up (the Overview panel to be more exact) when doing some clickin' on the other tabs and then reverting back to Overview.
  • The game will no longer crash when you switch from a ship that has a hangar to a ship that doesn't.
  • Properly synced the ship name on all panels.
  • The camera no longer starts shaking when an NPC uses RAM on another NPC.
  • Did a pass through all the models in the game and set the Alpha test parameter to the necessary default of 0.0 value. Otherwise we'd be seeing see-through models all around.
  • Fixed a bug where the dialogue window would weirdly overlap other panels.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mark target command that in some cases simply didn't want to work, but it looked like it was.
  • The suns of Gemini are no longer visible through planets.
  • Fixed several bugs with the Staunched defender perks.
  • Pressing the Esc button while you're naming a save file will no longer close the panels in the background and resume the game.
  • NPCs no longer possess the third eye, giving them the ability to see you when you're cloaked.
  • Various script errors and potential errors fixed to improve stability
  • Fixed an exploit in the Shipbuilding panel that allowed for limitless Materials and Credits


  • Added full controller support into the game (the launcher is still a work-in-progress)
    • Currently Xbox One, Xbox 360 and similar controllers are properly supported.
    • If your controller doesn't work, start the game with the controller plugged in and then send us the game log.txt. All the data we need for full implementation is recorded in the log.
    • Steam controller and Dualshock support are on the way.
    • If your gamepad is plugged in, simply nudge it a bit, and you're good to go. If you want to revert back to keyboard & mouse controls, nudge the mouse. The switch is seemless as long as the gamepad was plugged in during the startup of the game.
    • A controls reference can be found in-game in the Options->Controls panel.
  • Reputation mechanics is completely redesigned and built up from scratch.
    • You now have an indivudual, separate reputation with each faction.
    • All actions you do (or one of your fleets does) affect your reputation with the target faction.
    • Factions that are enemies or allies of the target faction, are also affected by your actions, but in a lesser degree.
    • The Reputation panel is redesigned to be more user friendly.
    • Factions only appear in the Reputation listing after you've discovered them.
    • The numeric reputation representation goes from -10,000 to +10,000.
    • Alignment of the Solari Concord with other factions, follow your reputation closely. Yes... this means you cannot go to war with your own faction. At least for now. We'll see if this gets changed in any way.
    • Further tweaks will come in future updates.
  • Your mighty fleets are now real. The entire fleet management and movement system is overhauled and large parts were redesigned
    • Fleets no longer snap or teleport to their destination, but rather travel there properly. You can freely follow them around if you wish.
    • Fleet ships now cost Command points (along with the resource cost) which limits how many (and how strong) ships you can have at any given moment
    • The largest ship classes are also limited by the number of Supercapital ships you can have at any given moment
    • Unlock better ships in the Research panel
    • Some necessary changes were done to the Ship-building screen, which can now be accessed through the in-game menu and the Concordia station interface, and not just via the Starchart
    • Each constructed ship is now automatically a fleet (the number of fleets is no longer limited). Command them as you would any other fleet.
    • To join two fleets, simply send one to connect with the other. A simple right-click will do.
    • You can also divide a fleet by selecting and pressing the appropriate button to start the transfer. A new fleet is automatically created.
    • You can command one of your fleets to follow you around. You naturally assume the position of the fleet leader.
    • You can assign a multi-waypoint path for your fleet to follow in the same manner as you can for your own autopilot (SHIFT + RMB to queue up waypoints).
    • Events linked to your fleets are covered with numerous notifications.
    • At the moment you cannot send your war fleets to attack a faction that is neutral or friendly to you. For now, you have to bring the reputation down to hostile before you can start an all-out war. This will be changed as soon as possible.
  • Conquest and auto-resolve revamped
    • You can easily step into an ongoing conquest battle by arriving to the location.
    • Leaving the area will properly continue the auto-resolve.
    • A conquest battle progress bar now appears at the top of the screen to show you how the battle is progressing.
    • You can find a form of the battle progress bar on the Starchart as well. It makes sense to have the info no matter where you are in Gemini, no?
    • Zone controllers (when you take over these, you take over the zone) are now specifically marked on the Starchart. Stations and planets are currently NOT marked this way, since you cannot take them over for now. This means you cannot take over these zone, also for now.
    • NPC faction will now also decide to take you on. Don't expect their fleets to stand idly anymore.
  • Warmasters are up and about
    • These lil' guys may seem like all the other ships in the fleet, but they are not. They are more powerful and more resourceful.
    • You'll notice them by a special icon (skull/star) on their object markers/target lock. And you also might notice them when they start using Vanguard skills in combat, just like the player.
    • Unfortunately a small disappointment comes here. You can't have them yet. (dramatic piano music accompanied by yours truly sobbing in the corner) Only NPC fleets feature these buggers for now(!). We'll work to make them available to you ladies and gents to pester and send on suicide missions ASAP!
  • Research the good stuff
    • You can access the Research panel either through Concordia interface or via the in-game menu from anywhere in space.
    • Research takes time and costs resources.
    • Some techs are currently locked until we implement them completely.
    • As the above sentence states, the best stuff can only be researched (for now... we'll probably add some unique things that you can obtain through side quests, once we come to that point)
    • Research of a specific tech can be paused at any time by simply starting research on another tech. You can resume the previous tech at a later time with no additional cost.
    • The research mechanic (running it all in the background) allows for a lot more nifty stuff to be added and it will be further expanded in future updates (imagine speeding up / boosting the research of your own battleship, by dragging a captured battleship of another faction to your HQ... stuff like that)
    • The Lab rat Perk is now unlocked and working properly. Makes sense to implement it since Research is in...
  • Time for some chatter. NPCs are no longer completely silent, but rather like to share info on what they're doing and what's going on.
    • More voices will be added over time.
  • Structures can now be upgraded (not all of them, but resources structures and garrisons have this ability)
    • Before an upgrade is possible, you have to research this ability first.
    • Upgrading costs resources and takes time, but naturally brings rewards.
  • Fast travelling is here to stay
    • Wormholes have reappeared in Gemini, getting ready to drag unsuspecting victims and spitting them out at the other end of the star system
    • Construct T-Gates to tame the wormholes and create stable passages
    • Using T-Gates doesn't cost any Credits
  • A complete side quest chain is now added.
    • Look for hints around Phaeneros or stumble upon it on your travels.
    • Only one such chain is added, so please don't be surprised if you can't find more for now.
  • Added three new ships (Sanctum fleet), all temporarily available at Concordia
    • Adhara - corvette
    • Apollo - destroyer
    • Poseidon - battleship
  • You can now set multiple waypoints to your autopilot to follow as a path.
    • Use SHIFT + RMB (keyboard & mouse) to stack waypoints
    • Chain waypoints through pars of neutral or friendly T-Gates to give a fast travel order.
  • Added Bink Video(C) support which enabled us to...
    • Add various videos to play in some hangars (Phaeneros & Concordia as examples).
    • This whole bit will be further expanded on and refined to be used for UI, visual effects and/or news in the future
  • When starting a new scenario (campaign or freeroam), you can now choose between several starter ships.
  • Three start scenarios are now available
    • Early Access - the standard Prologue serving as a tutorial etc.
    • Early Access Freeroam - pure, simple conquest mode (no prologue), starting at level 1 and a choice between several gunships
    • Early Access Freeroam+ - pure, simple conquest mode (no prologue), starting at level 8 and a choice between several frigates
  • Added several new station models
    • Yxaril
    • Nyx battlestation
    • Nyx tradeport
    • Nyx depot
  • Orphiel foundry (unique structure) is added to the game. You can look for it in the Astralia region.
  • Added a new OnCriticalHit effect (VFX and SFX).
  • When docked, you can now hide the station interface and admire your ship in all its glory.
  • Tooltips are now displayed on the Drydock panels.
  • Added notification for starting and ending a construction of a structure.
  • Added SFX to a number of objects in the game.
  • The Concordia Construction screen can now be accessed via the in-game menu, and not just through the Concordia interface
  • Added a small intermediary step when clicking on an object on the Starchart, when it is overlapping another.


  • Models (.mdl files) are now binary compressed to improve loading times.
  • Non-hostile NPCs are now more tolerant towards friendly fire. They won't attack you almost instantly. You have to tick them off some more first.
  • Vanguard skills that use distance in their calculations are now updated.
  • The Shockwave skill changed
    • Increased maximum level to 10
    • Skill is automatically upgraded every 5 character levels
  • Atmospheres of all planets tweaked.
  • Tweaked and improved several ambients and nebulas
  • The main menu background is no longer a still image, but a video
  • Optimized script memory usage
  • Updated the visual and audio feedback on levelling up (the notificaion on the left).
  • Optimized the loading of save files (world loading, player and camera sync, unnecessary loading of objects that aren't visible from the start...).
  • Updated the Credits gain per zone, with and without applied Perks that modify this.
  • Ships you cannot purchase for whatever reason, are now painted red in the Available ships list.
  • Tweaked the placement of a number of elements on the Construction panel. This panel is slated for overhaul.
  • Tweaked the placement of several elements on the Ship->Systems screen.
  • Changed how and when the Tactical overlay activates and deactivates.
  • The game no longer automatically loads the autosave when you die. It actually politely gives you the option to choose which save to load.
  • Changed the boundaries of several ambients / skyboxes so they fit better.
  • Changed what equipment the player starts with both in Conquest and Campaign.
  • Optimized rendering and selection distance for planets.
  • Updated the Quick Start Guide to reflect the latest additions and changes.
  • Tweaked SFX distance at which they are heard for Reclaimers and various other structures.
  • Auto-repair facility updated
    • Added visual and audio effect while repairs on your ship are under way.
    • Tweaked the repair parameters.
  • Normalized all weapon sound effects.
  • Added a number of new Gas pocket visuals. They are ambient specific, so it might take a bit of time to find them.
  • Heavy weapons visual effects are improved.
  • Equipment icons redone in a more schematic style.
  • Reworked some GUI elements like various icons and the like. We're not done with this yet, but there's no point in not releasing it to the interested public.
  • Align to plane got a visual redesign.
  • Reworked a number of starchart icons (planet, object markers, selection...).
  • Some GUI elements were shuffled around to make room for accessing the new features (Station Leave button for example is now on the right side of the screen).


  • Turrets (from Turrets.wdt) are now referenced by keyname rather than int ID in the LightWeapons.wdt.
  • Added BehaviorEditor.exe to the game installation folder. This lil' program is used to assemble combat AI routines.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the DialogueEditor (installation folder) used to assemble dialogues (Really? I never would have guessed...)
  • Updated scripterion.fdl (used by Scripterion)
  • Updated the NP++ language markup and API files

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Sweet Jumping Chrysanthemums! This game looks amazing! Really impressive work!

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