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Today i will focus on towers of Beast Towers, it's a short article, i keep stuff under the hood so you'll discover more when the game is available.

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In BT there is 10 available towers with 3 upgrades each.


The 10 towers have unique capabilities, upgrades have the same capabilities but stronger. For example Heralth :

Heralth is a level 3 tower, he's the evolution of Portah and can evolve into Bazzalth.
He can attack land and air enemies and does zone damages by throwing a big fireball.


You'll have to choose well your towers, some are specialized in flying enemies some for walking enemies. There is also a support tower that buff surrounding towers.

You'll have a lot of differents possibilities to pass the levels.

Uwelon Tower can even throw magical projectile that goes through all enemies :


Pretty cool right? :)

Stay tuned, in the next hightlight i will talk about enemies and strategies.

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