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BayetasMod 0.4 released New Cars, Cameras and lots of improvements in all sections.

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New Cars, Cameras and lots of improvements in all sections.

BayetasMod 0.4
BayetasMod 0.4

BayetasMod 0.4 released

  1. New physics and car settings/handling for higher realism.
  2. 12 new Immersive Camera Views + Replay cameras.
  3. Improved lighting and visuals rendering. Lots of changes both in locations and cameras settings for a more realistic look. Softer lens flares, adjusted colour balance, tonemap, DoF, motion blur, distortion, bloom, dust, streaks, etc.
  4. Optimized HQ Settings for top visuals quality and performance.
  5. Improved ForceFeedback. (You may need to recalibrate your ingame FFB strengths balance using it, but this FFB is MUCH more realistic if you drive using a wheel)
  6. TrackIR support. Works too during Flashbacks and in realtime during Replays. There is a special camera support in Cameras 2 and 3 (Extreme Immersive strength 1-2) that allows to use a control to turn the head back smoothly while using TrackIR all the time to look backwards.
  7. No Engineer speech during the race.
  8. Realistic used tyres textures.
  9. No Intro logo videos


ugh those windshield wipers ruin it

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yeah they look like they broke and got stuck halfway going down to dock. I mean I like the idea of the post processing on them but youre making it too obvious that its for that reason and it just feels disruptive. setting them down to how a normal car would have them would feel the best

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they definitely do.

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Thank you for this!

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