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I have been reading the comments on my mod, and ive changed some things to make it better and more accurate. Version 6.0 is Released Via .Torrent Full Install and .exe Patch upgrade (You need patches 5.0.4 and 5.0.5 from 5.0.3 full to Upgrade) I am still looking for a Mod Staff to Bring the Mod to Completion. I am wanting Better Skins, and Some More Custom Weapons and Sounds in the Mod. Contact me at: Xfire: sw33tsp0t AIM: FALLout102

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V 6.0

Increased Bomb Damage and Radius for Jet Bombs Also Thier Explosion Force.

Increased Tank Shelling Explosion Radius And Tweaked Damage.

Tweaked Projectile Damage and Radius for APC's.

Changed China Kit loadouts to Be Accurate (Type 95's Etc.)

Lowered Handheld Rocket Launcher Damage, Before it was Overpowered.

Changed M82A1 Scope zoom to no Longer zoom out after shooting.

Get Full install And 6.0 Upgrade Patch as well as 6.0 Full patch (From 5.0.3) Here:

Full v6.0 Install Torrent -

v6.0 Upgrade patch from 5.0.5

v6.0 Full Patch from 5.0.3 Full


What is different in this mod, why do I have to choose this one?

Tell me what this mod is all about, compared to other realism mods?


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sw33tsp0t Author

The Battlefield 2 Single Player Total War Realism Mod intends to bring a
"Total War" aspect to single player battlefield 2, Enhanced AI, Maximized Map Sizes, Custom Maps, Bot changer with Skill and Number of Bots Slider, All weapons and class kits have been changed to be realistically Accurate. Damage and Explosion radius on projectiles,missles and Bombs and other Explosions has been changed to be more realistic. There are custom real weapon sounds included in the mod. Ammo numbers, recoil, Bullet Accuracy and Velocity has been changed to be more realistic. So far this is pretty much all thats been changed, Im looking for a mod staff to help me with custom models and weapon additions, as well as better skins for vehicles, soldiers, guns etc. and some more changes, I need more ideas as well.

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