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details on the battlestar heroes and what roles they play

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In a continuation on the theme of Heroes Explained ( SST, SG, SW ) im moving on to Battlestar.

Tier 0 - President Roslin - Faction leader

Tier 1 - Starbuck
In Canon - Kara "Starbuck" Thrace is a gifted Viper pilot, with an attitude that has hindered her career in the Colonial Fleet. However, William Adama has confidence in Thrace's military skills, and she greatly aids the Fleet inside and out of the cockpit. She is the last Commander, Air Group (CAG) of Galactica, and mysteriously vanishes in a region that will later be known as Tanzania on the second Earth shortly after the Fleet's arrival on the planet (Daybreak, Part II).

In SFAW - She is the pilot of the blackbird. A stealth fighter. She has the stealth ability.
She is equal to SG1

Tier 2 - Scar
In Canon - Scar is the nickname for a particularly vicious and cunning Cylon Raider, feared and revered by Galactica's pilots. The nickname is derived from battle damage and grime on the Raider's forward cowling that resembles a scar.

In SFAW - Scar is a newe raider. He has the capacity to fire shield pieceing missiles.
It is equal to Luke and Mitchel

Tier 3 - Lee Adama
In Canon - Leland Joseph Adama, commonly known as Lee Adama or by his callsign, "Apollo", is a former Colonial Fleet Reserve officer who becomes the Caprican delegate to the Quorum of Twelve, then later the interim President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. He is the sole surviving son of William Adama.

In SFAW - Lee is on command of a Cygnus Class Firestar. Cygnus is designed to be an anti fighter/bomber ship. Capable of taking on Corvettes as well as fighters, it is suited to helping defend other units agianst swarming attacks.
He is equal to Prometheus

Tier 4 - Kendra Shaw
In Canon - Kendra Shaw is an officer from the Ministry of Defense who is assigned to Pegasus as Helena Cain's aide when the battlestar puts in for an overhaul at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards. She sees the assignment as a stepping stone to her real goal, which is Fleet Command.

In SFAW - She got her wish for command and was given her own Valkyrie Class ship. The Valkyrie, while smaller then both Galactica and Pegasus is still more than capable of holding its own against swarms of cylon raiders. But larger ships are to powerful for it to handle.
She is equal to Apohpis

Tier 5 - Commander Adama
In Canon - Admiral William Adama, a veteran of the Cylon War, is the commanding officer of the battlestar Galactica, and the highest ranking officer left in the Colonial Fleet.

In SFAW - Adama is in command of Galactica. She is the last of her kind, a remnant of the first Cylon war. She is more than capable of holder her own against basestars but cannot easily destroy them. Her bow canons are powerful against shielded foes while her back canons can devistate enemy hulls. Used correctly she can take on almost anything.
He is equal to Anubis

Tire 6 - Admiral Helena Cain - Leader of "The Pegasus" aka "The Beast"
In Canon - Admiral Helena Cain hails from the colony Tauron, and is the commanding officer of the Mercury class battlestar Pegasus at the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. She is a hard woman, unafraid of making difficult decisions and unflinching in her will to do what she sees as right. These traits sometimes compel her to feel that she has been left no choice but to take controversial, unpopular and morally questionable choices.

In SFAW - She is in command on The Pegasus. One of the most advnaced colonial ships, Pegasus has greater firepower than anything that came before it. It cna stand toe to toe with a basestar and still come off in one piece.
She equal to Daedalus

Tier 7 - One in a Basestar
In Canon - "Number One" is the first of eight humanoid Cylon models created by the Final Five for the Centurions following the first Cylon war. The Final Five referred to him as John, and he was created in the image of Ellen Tigh's biological father, John. One of the Number Ones, prior to being discovered among the Fleet, posed as Brother Cavil, a member of the Colonial clergy. However, contrary to his assumed role, he did not share the other Cylons' religious beliefs and frequently mocked them.

In SFAW - Hes in a custom, oversized, New Basestar. He is capable of obliterating armies on is own, but in a fleet hes almost unstopable.
Hes ship is equal to Thor

Sorry for the absense of an image, im in the porcess of working on the BSG models

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Why is it none of ye olde ships have hard points? And i didn't really watch BG that much i'm afraid, more of a trekky myself lol

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Spinobreaker Author

none of the ships are meant to have hardpoints, why? because its a lot easier to balance that way, and some ships have a lot of hardpoints...

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