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The future of this particular mod... And its final demise.

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I have scaled down Battlefronts Of War: Dark Forces to a minimod that will enhance the gaming experience of vanilla FoC with new skirmish maps and land combat. This mod will be land skirmish only.
This mod was in essence a learning curve for me. A way for me to become acquainted with the modding world. It is too ambitious to carry this forward into a total conversion. I have expressed that I cannot do this alone and it is too far-fetched to complete this without help.
Expect a release of the final and prototypical version of the mod late August as mod files will be cleaned up and minimod is finalized.
I have a small mod team ready for a following project that is within concept and planning stages. Unlike BFOW, this mod will be the main project with a real plan and scope.
Thank you for following Battlefronts of War.

Battlefronts Of War: Dark Forces: The full total conversion mod plan for this concept is DEAD.

I know this mod had plenty of potential to be a full conversion, but I do not have a dedicated team behind me. From your experience, it has been put on hold numerous times and now it is time to draw it to a close and put it behind. I need to start a fresh with a fully mapped concept and plan, with a strong and dedicated team picked from the beginning.

It is hard to for me to type this and shut the door on a mod like this. But I must be realistic. There is no way this mod will be finished. It would be better to release a cleaned up mini version than nothing at all. (or a buggy messed up version)

This may be the end of the first era of Sigma Game Studios, but the beginning of a culmination...
Stay tuned for updates.



A very sad but understandable way to end the mod, I was greatly looking forward to it so I can play EAWFOC again. Unfortunately I cannot offer help, but I wish you a strong future where you can achieve your true dream and not be hindered by such things again. Farewell Battlefronts of War: Dark Forces, you will be missed :(

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well, you have your reasons, and i understand it

if you could at least find any modders willing to work on the mod...

but anyway thanks for the hard work, and Hey!,

Good Luck!

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That sucks. Sometimes good things must come to an end.

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