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Many years modded combination of mods for great enhance the importance of much more fluctuating battlefield environment handling, strategy orientation and resource calculation while maintaining original CoH feeling. Richer doctrines with bonuses and penalties. Many variables of influenceable conditions for attack and defense in real time. Oriented for coopLAN or vsAI playing.

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- every doctrine now has its own significant pros and cons
- much harder AI, combination of TAI, nimpAI and my own mods
- there are more fog and dust from using gredanes or heavier ordnance, which provide much of cover and more space to influence combat
- original and added abilities have shortcut description for better summary of its effects
- build times and durability of structures increased
- build times of vehicles increased depend on armor class
- much slower tech point gather rate
- mortar, field artillery, SPA etc. firing temporarily consume ammunition in the form of munition upkeep 5-15 depend on caliber class, not for abilities
- bigger scale of population limit

- almost all vehicles consume fuel as upkeep, from 1-5 depend on armor class
- almost all vehicles consume fuel during move, ussualy 3x fuel upkeep
- less accuracy of main gun while in motion or shooting at longer distances
- higher propability to avoid enemy fire while in motion
- longer reload times during motion

- get much of cover from fog and dust from using heavier ordnance
- less accuracy and longer reload times while in motion
- higher propability to avoid enemy fire while in motion
- longer reloading of HMGs

- enormous fuel consumption
- increased importance for battlefield, there are higher propability of shoting down but even higher importance of antiair units

This modification originaly weren’t intended for publication, so there can be some inbalance or unfinished elements, but it is still in development.
Feel free to let us know about them or about your own interesting ideas.

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