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Second Battle Transmission for Location Zero. More coming soon.

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0254 Hours

October 17, 2024

James Richter


These men are more reliable than I previously thought.
Today, when my squad was out on our morning rounds, we saw something...
It was a slaughtered boar. The poor thing was still bleeding, and I swore I saw it's eyes shifting.
The Refugees must have been near our campsite, because the boar was just 30 yards
from our post. The outposts we've been assigned are poor excuses for such, though.

The past few nights have been restless for Walker and myself.
We hear gunshots fired from just a short distance away, and when we approach the areas,
we arrive to see nothing but empty shells and rustling in the trees...
I think it's almost time to leave this place, but upon asking, the Colonel says
nothing about it, except, "Soon, we leave."

I'm getting worried about my mental state, and I think Walker is too...
I've been having strange, horrific hallucinations of FPA members coming in at night
and slaughtering us all like cows. I may take my leave sooner than expected.

I must be going, it's nearly 0300, and someone's outside.
Hopefully it's Walker, coming to have a drink again, but I must be vigilant nonetheless.


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