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To feed the minds of our followers, I've concocted a little "Back story" if you will. Enjoy these from time to time.

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0835 Hours

October 14, 2024

Darrell McClung, PFC.


It's been almost three days since I was sent
into this god forsaken hellhole, and thus far it's been anything but enjoyable.
I was sent in as a weapons, and strategy analyst, I'm supposed to be observing
battle footage and picking out interesting points about the FPA forces.

Well, that's all and well; but it's becoming
slightly more difficult. Since the nukes fell over 2 years ago, there is no
more serious
production of goods. And the FPA troops
are using a type of ammo that easily pierces the body armor of my fellow
marines. They seem to have raided the old National Guard bunkers, because we
have been noticing that they aren't using the typical MA-34 assault rifle; the
same we use. However, they use the M-16A2, and the AK-47; it's astounding!
Because AK-47's and AK-74's are very rare to find now; from what I've heard, I
guess the Russians invaded with small company of troops and were wiped out. One
would think that they would have brought more people to the fight, but I guess
that's not the case.

Anyways, I must get going. The Commander says
that we're moving out in 10 minutes. If this is my last transmission, I want
you to know that I love you mom, and that I miss you and Shannon. Give her my
best wishes, and tell her that I come on leave soon.

Good Bye



nice story

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