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This is a mod of the game Battle Realms, i fixed to added All Tier Units can learn all Techniques if upgraded.

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In general the changes were

- Kenji are now usable in dragon and serpent as a Hero which replaces otomo and Budo.

- Kenji's battle gear upgrades damage.

- All Tier Units can learn all Techniques if upgraded.

- All Units heals completely if wounded.

- Samuarai, Ronin and teppo uses less stamina to use longer battle gears.

- Spearmen's battle gear whirling spear gives additional damage.

- Ballistaman fires double spear only if upgraded.

- Warlock's battle gear soul chill gives additional damage.

- Unclean One, Diseased one, Infested one upgrades stamina to run further.

- Longtooth upgraded damage and the same with arah when it comes to range ability.

- Utara's Song of sorrow gives a additional damage.

- Gaihla heal allies longer range and with full health and can use 2 healing ability.

- Wildeye can summon 3 spirit wolves in an instant.

- Issyl's battle gear can haste in a wide range to haste allies.

- necormancer can summon 3 spirits in an instant.

- Necromancer's spirits can learn drunken revelry and murderous intent techniques.

- Crypt of the Brother's are now upgradable with tier 1 techniques.

- Kenji, Zymeth, Grayback can upgrade to become their strongest form but uses 4000 rice and 1000 water.

- Kenji, Zymeth, Grayback health points are enormous and Defense hightens.

- Kenji, Zymeth, Grayback's battle gear can instantly kill nearby opponents and able to use 2 times, but stamina's regeneration became slow as ever.

- Kenji, Zymeth, Grayback's stamina doesnt depletes when running.

- Kenji, Zymeth, Grayback if uses their ultimate potential then die, they will not respawn again.

- Garrin's weakness with explosive hightens and also gives upgraded damage, stamina's slightly faster to regenerate.

- Sledger's Stun ability can stun nearby enemies same Guardian.

- Before peasant's population are 40 and Fast Unit Cap 0.15, peasant's population are now 50 and Fast Unti Cap 0.25

======================== Issues and feedback ========================

Game Ranger/Steam online.

- You make new two folder Kenji DAT and Original DAT

- if you dropped because someone dont have dat file.

- if you want play kenji with your friends. send them from your DAT and it will not dropped.

- if you want original to play with ur friends. copy and paste it from ur Original DAT in BR file and it will not dropped.

- If Battle Realms say it can't open the ".dat" file after you copied the new one, make sure it is spelled exactly as the old one was...that is, "Battle Realms.dat".

- you can watch = Battle Realms Return Kenji DAT All Clans Techniques Upgrades - YouTube

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