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Development of Battalia Requiem placed on hold for time being. Development will start up in a couple months time.

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Been a while but I am putting Battalia Requiem on hold for the moment. It will still be going ahead but at the moment I have no time to work on it at all. Back in February the engine was finalized but since then have seen other things I want to try and so that has come back in for more work. With the races, I am still at 2 confirmed playable races (the Arbitor and Hyrogan races); a third race is still unkown. The Mynnon race is now an NPC race. One race fleet has been designed but no idea who it will be for. Scale is another issue with the game; have been playing around with scale as one structure in the game is around 30km long; the Skybridge. Skybridge is a Citadel like structure.

Maybe in a couple of months things have died down enough for me to get back to working on Battalia Requiem. At the moment I do not have the time to work on it. I havent even had enough time to package up Aftermath 2.5. So late April/early May things should start back up again.


Good Luck!

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