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When you start the game press Character then name yourself. Once that is done press START now it will freeze for a second or two do not worry its just loading and I haven't made a loading screen yet so do not fear or worry that the game has Crashed at start up. Once in game you will have 0 credits to get more credits you will have to mine for it since I have not implemented PVP credits yet. To mine you shot at rocks in the game there is a specific spot you have to shot. Just use Nade laucher

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To switch weapons use mouse wheel. Once you have the grenade laucher fire at the rock till a smaller rock pops out each one gives you 5 ore. You need 20 to get 100million credits as I hacked the refining in this game for now. Once you get 20 ore you have to goto the refinery which is located inside the base and has a tower sticking out of the top go inside and you will see a VENT like thing get near it and a prompt will appear. once refined you will get your money and then you can make vehicles in game. There is a vehicle factory which is inside a red building with a ramp. Fighters are located at the starport just jump into the elevator to get to the top. Once there there are consoles that create the fighters just explore a bit you can't miss them. To get it just walk around till it prompts you to press e to enter and the controls for fighters are the following

Q accelerate
Z decelerate
WASD <-- flight controls
Mouse 1 (left mouse button) fire weapon

Dropship only
Spacebar : lifts the vehicle upwards or lets the player hover if they tap spacebar.

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