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New shiny barrels ! Pushed the map engine to the actual game, *destroyable* barrels, thoughts on the aim system relative to the character animations.

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This week was painful, i had to push all the changes from the map engine to the actual game so it meant a lot of bugs related to relationships (parent/child) between display objects and positioning. After messing with that and rewriting 3 or 4 times a bunch of stuff i can now add graphic content quite easily.

I also implemented the collision system server-side (the ghost) :

The character is already animated but that's among the things i haven't fixed yet since the new map engine...
I still have some issues here and there but they should be fixable along other coding tasks.

For all these reasons i don't have much to show except minor things, i remade my barrels, yep !

And i can now hit them, take that you piece of wood !

I hope you like green and brown because i'm not ready to make a new map yet and you're gonna eat a lot of GIFs :D

As i said last week, the next step will be about making a more simple focus / attack system, i'd like to try some aim based attacks but i noticed i'm gonna have some issues in the animation department :3

I don't know if it's THAT weird but right now it means that firing can happen in 180° in front of the character, i'm really not sure i want to add a front and back side to the character.

I like the easiness of having one side, animating it and just flipping it when the player is facing left; with all the anomalies it brings to it it's still really efficient for me and my skills...

He's just switching the shield in the other hand really really fast U_U

babeco - - 157 comments

nice work pal, keep on it.

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Cariboo Author
Cariboo - - 15 comments

Thanks for the encouragements :)

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GohanX - - 1 comments

is this for pewdiepie

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Cariboo Author
Cariboo - - 15 comments

What :D ? I'm not making a game for pewdiepie, what did you mean ?

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Cariboo Author
Cariboo - - 15 comments

Oh ! A friend of mine pointed me out that you were talking about the running joke around barrels. Totally forgot about that one :)

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ulrasor - - 226 comments

This looks like one of those games for small LAN parties.
Keep on keeping on, my friend.

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