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Reworked the tower leveling, added toolbars and fixed a bunch of stuff.

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I threw away my rubies and made a more viking-like item to grab. Those banners are meant to be brought back to your camp in order to validate a point which you can then use to upgrade your tower, increasing damage, rate & range for now.

I just added tooltips as well. As i said on reddit, while it seems a bit premature, it's a multiplayer game and i need to make multiplayer tests so i need a certain amount of polish so that testers are not completely lost.

I wanted an easy way to show a visual feedback on death. It's supposed to be a commemorative rock or something, but it's not good and too tiny. At some point i'll make the character laying down on the ground before the stone pops up or at least something more seamless :)

On the coding side:

  • FIXED Tank charge
  • FIXED Banners attach/detach bug
  • FIXED Banners validation
  • FIXED UI badly layered
  • FIXED a bug when dying
  • FIXED a bug when carrying banners
  • ADDED a banner sprite
  • ADDED a stone sprite when your character is dying
  • ADDED a positional sound system
  • ADDED Tooltips

d2theRizzle - - 68 comments

Nice work. I really like the whole banner thing. It will add a whole new dynamic to the gameplay! keep it up man :)

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sunnder - - 10 comments

Wow, the banner-return mechanic is pretty interesting and it just spawned a bunch of ideas in my head for the MOBA genre, but I'll probably never make them a reality (too many other commitments). You're doing great work and I am now excited to try this game. :D

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Cariboo Author
Cariboo - - 15 comments

Thanks ! What i like about the banner mechanic is that to make the team stronger (towers precisely) you have to take the risk of leaving your team alone while going to your base so you'll have to think twice about that and it probably won't be the healer; unless i'm adding a kind of ninja healer class (which i will probably do).

I just watched scorcharena, it looks like an interesting game, and you seem to iterate a lot over it and testing it which is definitely something to do and that i'm not doing at the moment :3

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sunnder - - 10 comments

Thanks for checking out Scorch! The iteration has been very helpful for development and now that I've done it I don't think I can develop in another way, haha.

It definitely helps that I have a team of 10 testers that keep asking me to play, play, play. You may want to find a few dedicated testers and set up a Skype group or something (that's what I do). As a bonus, their excitement can give you motivation to work whenever you feel discouraged.

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