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Not too long ago we released the Clan update Great Houses Of Calradia which added unqiue clan system and Global PVP!

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Adding a clan system:

  • Establishment of your own clan and its improvement. Choose the name, banner, and faction you want to represent.
  • Advanced clan rank system, which will allow you to set the rights to any member of the clan.
  • Craft banners. More than a hundred different colours and templates to create a banner. Loot items to create a unique banner and stand out from all the residents of Calradia.
  • Purchase and improvement of clan houses. Most settlements will have empty houses - an ideal place to start developing a clan.
    Each house can be improved by increasing the space available for use, as well as increasing the capacity for clan companions.
  • Construction inside the clan house. Several hundred interior objects that will help you arrange the house to your taste: add boxes for storing items. Improve the decoration of your home to attract new members to the clan.
  • Clan satellites. As you travel Calradia, you will begin to find companions, many of which will be useful to your clan. Such characters give good bonuses to all clan members and their allies!
  • Strengthen the influence of the clan. Complete tasks to increase the clan's influence to be able to get valuable prizes!

Global battles and clan politics:

  • Global PvP! Declare war on the clan and chase its troops throughout the whole territory of Calradia!
  • Alliance. Unite in alliances with other clans to defeat the enemy, as well as receive general bonuses from clan companions. Yes, some of the bonuses for clan companions will also affect your allies!
  • Capture the members of the enemy clan! After your victory, you will have a chance to capture the player and take him to the dungeon of your clan house. Exchange the prisoner for ransom, but make sure he doesn't run away!

Army management:

  • Combine your troops into special groups of mercenaries to free up space in the squad, send soldiers for medical treatment, or redistribute the composition of your army by temporarily leaving the units in one of the cities.

New tasks:

  • Team up in groups with other people and complete daily quests. This is more fun together! We will also continue to add new co-op missions after the update to bring more diversity to the game.
  • Take tasks from the chief of the guard in one of the cities. Destroy a squad of a well-known criminal, complete instructions related to the improvement of units.
  • Improved combat system:
  • Breaking shields. Another update of the combat system, which adds the destruction of shields. This change should significantly change the course of the battles.
  • Increased number of units on the map. We have and now the number of units in battle has been doubled! The battles will become more entertaining.
  • New maps! More than 30 new locations for battles.


  • Completely redesigned chat with division into channels. It will be much easier to trade and communicate! Also, we have added a separate channel for communication in the clan.

Also, we released Frostlands update which opens up the Northern lands with new rewards and enemies.

Fight the three guards of the north and gain access to their secret treasury.
  • The northern guards are carefully hidden, and you will have to defeat their henchmen to enrage the guards and challenge them to a fight.
  • The guards keep fragments of an ancient map and by combining them, you will learn the exact location of one of their treasuries. Be aware, that time in the treasury is limited, and you'll have to hurry to get all the riches away!

A new global opponent, the Master of the North, which, when defeated, is guaranteed to give you one of the best rewards in the game:

  • The appearance of the Master of the North occurs several times a day.
  • You'll have to compete with other players for the chance to be the first to attack and win.

Consumable items:

  • Hot drinks to help warriors overcome wanderings. A great aid on tough journeys.
  • Other items that may prove useful!
  • Be aware that most items have an expiry date, so use them in time!

  • Wood producing villages have been added. Three villages are located in Battania. One wood producing village has been added to the rest of the factions. We plan to add other types of resources to each faction in the future.
Holiday Gifts:
  • Christmas trees will appear in the major cities of Calradia under which you can find useful items.
  • Gifts will be found every day for the duration of the upcoming holidays.

Changes that will be introduced when the update is released:

  • Hideout changes. When you activate the books of Mabons, a Hideout will appear close to your position. This will make it easier to pass the hideouts.

Now we are working on the fixes needed for version 1.7.0.

What we are currently working on:

  • Fixing crashes in battles.
  • Adaptation of new maps for 1.7.0 battles.
  • New map selection algorithm for battles, like in v1.7.0.
  • Adapting the new city scenes from v1.7.0.
  • New spawn system. Squads will not be shuffled but divided into formations.
  • Fixing formation selection in squad window.
  • Fixing hideout spawn system.
  • Fixing the location of the chests in the treasury of the Northern leaders. We are planning to release this update soon!

We also want to share information with the community as often as possible and we will post more news on our Mod DB page!


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